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    Well im at the point in the academy where I need to buy a few things for my belt. First are the flashlights. I was thinking about getting the Streamlight SL-20X-LED with AC/DC chargers for my large flashlight. Im not sure which i should get for my belt, a small rechargeable tactical one or one like the Streamlight Stinger DS LED Flashlight. Some guys i know that have the Streamlight Stinger DS LED Flashlight say it is too big for your belt and gets caught up a lot? Any suggestions or comments on either of these? If i go with a small tactical for my belt any suggestions?? Id like a rechargeable if possible and dont want to pay too much but if its worth it and will last forever then i will. Thanks guys

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    I suggest the streamlight Strion it is smaller than the Stinger yet as powerful and rechargable if you dont want to go that route then get a good surefire there are several that will fit your belt with no problem
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      I was at a similar point last year at the academy. These days, after 6 months of "real-world" time under my belt (not much I know), here's what I found to work "best" for me:

      -Stinger DS LED wedged between the drivers seat and radio console. Used for night work such as traffic stops, building clearing, etc. I slide it into a rear pocket if I need both hands for something. Spare battery is in my duty bag, charger is at home, and both batteries are charged once a week. Solid enough that it will leave a mark if I have to use it as a strike weapon real quick...

      -LED 6P with a crenellated strike bezel (knock off bezel bought off ebay) rides on my belt. Used for all daytime needs and close up work like car searches (under dashes, tool boxes, etc). 3 extra batteries are in my duty bag. Pretty lightweight, but the bezel affords me the option of raking it across flesh if need be (ouch!) to buy time and/or distance...

      -Strion rides in my duty bag as a backup. I've come to believe the sage flashlight advice that if you have 1 you have none. If you have 2, then you have 1, If you have 3, then you have 2...

      -3D-Cell LED Maglites rides in my POV. Big and heavy, plus cheap enough to replace if lost/stolen...

      For me, the Stinger DS is too big to carry on my belt. The 6P works great and is small enough I don't notice it or catch it on anything...

      Trust me, you'll go through a few options before figuring out what works "best" for your habits. Heck, a cheapo Streamlight/Surefire knockoff from Target or Wal-Mart will work for getting through the academy in a pinch. If you really want to geek out on lights, dig around at http://www.candlepowerforums.com and http://www.flashlight-forums.com/.

      Also, search officer.com for posts by "black bear 84" such as the one at http://forums.officer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63813. He builds some pretty trick lights and puts a lot of information out there...
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        I've carried a Stinger for nine years and can't remember ever getting it hung up on anything. I had one of those holsters mae for it with the open bottom, hated it. Some like em but not me. I use an ASP holster for mine and works great.


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          im going to order the SL-20X-LED for my big flashlights since we have a ride out this weekend but still looking at options for my belt one, im sure ill have multiple as the suggestions continue haha


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            I carry a Stinger on my belt with an open bottom holder and I have never had any problems with it. I also use the SL20X for my big light and love it.
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