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    Saginaw PD works 12 hr shifts....4 on 4 off....our days off rotate. I love it


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      Does the Wylie Police Department have 12 hour shifts?


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        We work set days. You either have Thurs, Fri, Sat and every other Wed or Sun, Mon, Tues and every other Wed. I want to go to rotating. The set days really kind of suck.


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          Originally posted by bikecop136 View Post
          We are off every other weekend. We have one 8 hour day during the two week period.
          Same setup we use. Love it.


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            We work 12s. One short week, one long week. Every other weekend off. For instance, work Mon, Tue, off Wed, Thur, work Fri Sat, Sun. Off Mon, Tue, work Wed Thur, off Fri, Sat, Sun.

            I like it but the three day 12 hours is rough. My favorite shift ever was the 4/10 split.
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              4 10's is what I'll be on, once I actually get on patrol. Everyone there seems to love it, morale is very high.

              My old PD did the 3-4, 4-3 schedule when we were full, which was never. It's definitely got its pluses, but I think 4 10's is the thing.
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                JSD73 is right, those 3 day weekends get rough. Especially for those of us who commute. Add drive time on top of the 12s and it gets tiring fast. It might not be so bad if you could check on and off duty from your drive way.

                One thing to consider with 12s is that you won't have any relief until a couple of minutes before the end of your shift. If we get a call at 0530, it's our baby, we caught it we clean it. So our 12s regularly turn into 15s by the time we do all required paperwork. And THEN add drive time and you have a bad day followed by very little sleep and another bad day a few hours later.

                I wish we would either get 4 hours of overtime or an 8 hour day every other week. We don't. In fact we don't get squat, we just eat the 4 hours as a show of love and dedication for our job.

                Of course we also work 2184 hours per year and our cheap-*** county pays us for 2080 hours as if we work 8s.

                I would take 4 10s in a heartbeat after years of working 15s....... er, 12s.


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