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    Would someone please explain to an out of stater how the TMRS works, particularly for Round Rock? How many years does to take to fully retire? If someone stayed a patrolman for their career what kind of salary percentages would they be eligible to receive, and how much? Any info is appreciated.

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    TMRS - Texas Municipal Retirement System

    Departments may choose to participate in the system. The system is responsible for investing monies and paying out retirement benefits. The city may choose how it matches the participants contributions (i.e. 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1). The city (within TMRS guidelines) can determine when you can retire, how many years of service you have to have, maximum age, etc. For RRPD, I believe (not sure tho) it is 23 yrs of service for retirement, not sure what the max age is.

    Here is what TMRS gives for how to calculate your retirement:
    The amount of your monthly retirement benefit is based upon:

    Your total member deposits plus interest;
    City matching funds and other credits granted;
    Your remaining life expectancy at retirement;
    Your beneficiary's life expectancy (if you select a payment option that pays a lifetime benefit to a survivor);
    The future interest rate assumption as set by law; and
    The TMRS monthly payment plan you choose.

    Sorry I can't answer more, but I know that there are some RRPD guys on here, so hopefully they'll chime in.


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      I work for RRPD, USMCROB has all of the info. correct regarding the TMRS retirement plan. RRPD does not set a number of years on when you can retire I don't believe, its contingent on TMRS rules. We vest in 5yrs and the city matches 2:1 (7.5%+15%). TMRS is a portable system, so your prior contributions will transfer w/ you if you are coming from another agency. TMRS will also accept some rollovers from other qualifying retirement systems. What you will receive upon retirement is contingent on the factors listed in the previous post. Naturally, your retirement payments will be larger if you make more money (ie. higher salary by promoting = larger contributions). Let me know if you have any more questions.


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