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best overall department in southern area.


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  • best overall department in southern area.

    I am looking for the best overall mid sized pd or so in the southern texas area. Can be East or West. I am looking for best moral, pay, equipment, and just all around best area to reside in.
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    Well that's hard to say exactly. We have a lot of agencies down here that are great to work for but don't necessarily have the most updated equipment. We also have some that change out equipment more than underwear but have crappy moral. And our best paid departments are far from having the best moral or the best area to live in.

    For starters, what do you consider "mid" sized? 100 officers is a large department for everywhere except Bexar, Dallas, Tarrant, Travis and Harris County. And even in Bexar County every agency other than San Antonio PD and Bexar S.O. are between 10-40 officers. While there are several of them, the suburbs in Bexar County are nowhere near as big as in Dallas or Harris County. In Travis County everyone except Austin PD and Travis Co SO are the same.

    What do you want in a living area? Are you a city person or do you like it out in the county? Do you like touristy areas with high traffic or do you like it a little slower?

    Finding the best pay in the southern part of the state is as easy as going to an agency in Travis County. A lot of them have a lot of good equipment but you couldn't pay me enough to live in that cluster****. And each department's moral is different depending on a lot of factors.

    Agencies that I would work for knowing what I know about all of the criteria you listed are:

    San Marcos PD(80-90 officers)

    Hays Co SO(not sure exactly but I believe 80+ sworn)

    Comal Co SO (110 sworn+)

    Williamson Co SO( I think about 150 sworn but that information is old and they may probably grown)

    And if I was a big city person I would strongly look at Round Rock PD, a suburb of Austin.


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