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  • TCOLE Exam

    Hi All,

    I am a sworn police officer in California (7.5 years) and am looking to move to Texas. I have already completed all of the application paperwork and 1018 supplemental course.

    At this point, all I have left in the process is to take the actual TCOLE exam which I plan to do next month. My questions are as follows:

    I am taking the practice tests through TEEX and have had some success. In anyone's experience did success on this practice test modality equal success/passing of the actual exam for you? I have found the questions to be scattered and oftentimes unrelated to law enforcement.

    There are numbers next to the questions in the TEEX practice exams such as (12). I'm assuming these correspond to a learning domain where the questions are pulled from. Where can I find these learning domains/chapters to review?

    Are there any other sources someone would recommend to actually study other than reading through the code of criminal procedure, etc.? That material is so dry and there is so much information, it's hard to know what to actually focus on.

    Also, I have found conflicting information regarding the passing score of the it 70% or 80%?

    Has anyone taken the test recently and what were your general thoughts?

    Thank you in advance!​

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    Took TCOLE last month and I used both TEEX and after having gone through my 28 week Academy here in North Dallas. I am a prior fed (1811 for 10.5 years) from So Cal and went through the entire Academy and will be finally sworn in at the end of the month.

    The passing score is 70%, meaning you can miss up to 75 questions out of 250 and I would say that the test was much harder than I was expecting. I received an 80%. There were maybe 15 questions at most from TEEX that were on the actual test. I spent a lot of time taking practice tests, but looking back I probably wouldn't have done so many. The way that the actual tcole test questions are worded are confusing and not straight forward.

    I would say that the best way would be to review the TCOLE learning objectives from each learning domain. is better than TEEX in that they break down questions by learning domains.

    I think going through an entire academy was helpful in preparing me overall. We had a lot of pre-certs from CA (Sacramento PD, San Diego PD, Orange County SD, San Bernardino SD, Riverside SD to name a few)going through the Academy again, but many of the agencies in the North Dallas area now are doing lateral academies and giving lateral pay to pre-certified officers.

    Best of luck, I'm just glad that I'm done with that stupid test.


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      Hi mcdb84,

      Thank you for your response, you provided a lot of good insight.

      I can't say I'm super happy with the response though as now I am more nervous and feel unprepared.

      My follow-up question is where can I find the learning domains online in a pdf version or something similar? I'd really like to study those! I believe I located the learning domains on the TCOLE website as "1000720 Basic Peace Officer Course 720". I downloaded the course curriculum material by clicking "Get Resource". Does this seem correct?

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    It’s not to say the test is impossible, but definitely harder than anticipated. I think if you are solid on Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedures, Transportation and Health and Safety you should be good.

    Now that I think about it, I had access to the Learning Domains through my Academy, but the Get Resource does sound right. I googled TCOLE Basic Peace Officer course learning domain and the first link gave an overview of the instructor manual which is pretty close to covering the main topics.


    • jam089
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      Thanks mcdb84,

      I will definitely focus on those areas. I appreciate your response.

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