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Tahoes vs. Crown Vics


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  • Tahoes vs. Crown Vics

    It sounds like a few metroplex agencies are getting rid of their Crown Vics and switching to Tahoes. What are the main advantages of using an SUV instead of car? The size is more intimidating?

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    we started to switch to the Tahoe. The department decided to go back to the cv and just have the suv for swat. To me that makes sense, because those guys have so much equipment to carry.
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      Slight visibility increase (higher ride) and more space is what I can think of. Just hope you don't get in a chase while driving one.


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        Well, in Frisco I'd imagine it's because all the soccer mom's drive SUV's and you need to be able to see in traffic
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          Here is a vote for the CV. I am assigned to a Ford Expedition. We carry a ton of crash recon equipment but also are responsible traffic enforcement. So my Chief decided to buy us an SUV. Not a bad idea but these SUV's make horrible police vehicles. Try turning one around to catch that person doing mach 8 in the opposite direction. Not going to happen with my Ford. By the time you pull off the 18 point turn, that person is long gone.
          They also handle poorly and in the case of the Ford, are not pursuit rated. Therefore no driver training available which equals a problem for the driver if they were to say T-bone a family of 5 while responding to an emergency. Can you say civil suit. I realize there are some who think they look cool driving an SUV. Heck, there is one guy in my traffic unit and that is his only concern..looking good in the cruiser. I personally could care less, it is not a fashion show...we have a difficult job to do and it does not get any easier when you do not have the correct tools.


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            from what I ahve heard in H town parts, they arent switching. IT makes since to have some SUVs out there but the car is better at the chases (less likely to roll) and then the whole gas thing....

            but they needs some due to better "uncover" stuff. everyone looks for the white cars and bars, not trucks and tahoes.
            Harris County Sherrif's MAP and HPD truck enforce ment all have pick ups but thats needed.
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              The city of Mansfield uses about 75% tahoes. The Chief likes them.
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                The new Tahoes rate as good as the CV's with more room so many are switching.


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                  I drive a Tahoe and can't imagine driving anything else on duty. When my tahoe is in the shop and I'm forced to drive a Crown Vic, I absolutely dread it. I totaled an Impala a few years ago and just feel safer all the way around in the Tahoe.

                  The storage aspect is great. The only downside is that whatever is storeed in the cargo area is visible unlike the trunk of a car.


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                    Absolutely love the Tahoes.

                    Much more room (for the Officer and all the gear) and much better visibility are why I personally like them. It is also so much easier getting in and out of the vehicles. Getting out of a vehicle as quick as possible is extremely important to me, and in a Crown Vic, I sometimes think it would be quicker to just kind of fall on the ground. Can't imagine what it's like for bigger guys. You definitely notice that stuff quite a bit when you go back to a crown. Makes you realize how much you miss your Tahoe, and wish the department had NO CV's. I would also much rather be in a Tahoe in an accident than in a crown.

                    And the look is a definite plus. They go off-road very well also, which is a good thing in Frisco at the moment since we have so many undeveloped/under construction areas.
                    The Kenny Chesney concert was in Frisco last night, and it rained pretty good at the beginning of it. And if you know Frisco, most of the ways in or out right around Pizza Hut Park are two lane, so traffic was backed up for a looong time when they were coming and going. Not to mention all the people who parked in the dirt ended up creating giant mud pits. I would have hid in a hole if I had to drive a Crown Vic last night.

                    But I have been told the brass like them because they cost less to maintain and you can get more mileage out of them generally.

                    They suck more gas, but I guess the number crunchers decided it was worth it for the above reasons.

                    As far as performance, they are great in my opinion. They get up and go just fine, and the handling is obviously a little worse than the vic, but you get used to it. I say that, but know that Frisco has a "very limited pursuit" policy so we don't chase often, just use them to run code to calls, where our speed isn't being dictated by some crackhead. So the handling isn't an issue most of the time here, and I really can't speak for the handling in a pursuit situation since I've not been in a pursuit in Frisco yet. We had one wreck not too long ago in a pursuit, but I believe the same thing would have occurred if the Officer were in a Crown Vic.

                    Frisco just bought 17 of the '07 Tahoes, which are yet to be put into service. We are using them for our driving course these next two weeks though. I will report back on how they do. They supposedly handle much better than the current ones.
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                      there are a few tahoes at our local pd, along with some explorers and impalas, i personally love the way they sit up abouve all the cars around them...and the all interior lightbars are another plus.


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                        In our dept, there are usually one Tahoe at each station. Our crime lab, command staff, and full time SWAT have them. I personally like the crown vic..just for pursuits.


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                          While I don't drive a Tahoe, I have many friends who do and they really don't care for them. I'm a firm believer that the reason many departments are going to Tahoes or SUV's for patrol vehicles is to limit if not get rid of pursuits altogether.

                          They pick up speed fine but are no good for a high speed pursuit in which manueverability is key.
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                            Well it apprears that one of the reasons that a lot of Texas agencies are leaning toward the Tahoe is because the DPS are in the process of changing over to them. I know thats one of the reasons why my agency is transitioning to them.
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                              Just finished our 3 day NAPD Tactical Driving class (still smell like sunscreen).

                              The 07's rock.

                              We ran the 07's and the 06's through every course to gauge them (had the same drivers use each one once through)

                              Things like the perception reaction, the brake runs, and the backing course didn't show much difference. The 06' were actually a little better on the backing course, but I think that is just because everyone was so used to maneuvering them as opposed to the 07's.

                              The 06's seemed absolutely horrible on the driving course and the lollipop compared to the 07's. The guy in our class with the fastest track time in an 07 (42.2 seconds) added about 2 seconds onto his time in an 06. Which, for those of you that have been through NAPD, know is a big difference. And he drives an 06 on patrol!

                              We also put the 06 versus the 07 head to head in the pursuit scenarios. 07 as the violator and 06 as the patrol unit. Any time the 06 had a leg up on the 07, it was because the driver of the 07 did something wrong. Acceleration, handling, and overall performance are blatantly better in the 07.

                              Any time we took even a 90 degree turn in the 06 at decent speed, it was extremely hard to keep from losing the back end. The handling also made the lollipop and the slalom particularly difficult. We could do those parts of the class with an 07 at higher speeds and maintain control.

                              I would be pretty comfortable in a pursuit in an 07. But after seeing the 06 out there being pushed to the limit, I'm not sure I can say the same about it.

                              The 07's also have CD players, which all our other vehicles do not, which I am excited about, haha.


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