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Lateral from NYPD to TX


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    Im from the North East as well, Massachusetts. Moved here once I got hired by Houston. Went through the academy and am on the streets currently. Like several had said, Texas seems to be very pro law enforcement so you'll enjoy that. Cost of living is significantly cheaper than NY.


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      Hows your experience wit HPD so far ?

    • Wheats13
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      I'm in Illinois and have about 6 more years until I'm eligible to retire. I work for a small department. It's ok. Part of me still wants to do policework in a big city. Houston would be good and Texas would be somewhere I'd like to retire anyway. Hope you're enjoying Houston.

    • shockedimpy
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      I personally love HPD. Great training, busy and tons of movement opportunities

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    I’ve read many of the post in this thread, and a lot of them
    have been helpful but I see it’s been awhile since there have been any post. Like the few I’ve seen I’m also coming from NY. I’m in upstate NY and looking to move for several reason. One being I’m a Cowboys fan, lol believe it or not there are many Cowboys fans where I live; looking to move my family and looking for a place that’s not so cold.

    I may not have as much experience as the others from NY but I am willing to adapt and over come to make up the difference . I want a job where people respect LE and a place where community is a big deal. I’m willing to do large or small departments. Sheriffs or Troopers. What’s a good place to work and raise a family. Also, can I take the TCOLE certification before even applying for a job, this way I already have it?


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      Look at the cities in the Dallas Metro area, a lot are hiring, and nearly all have the information on their websites. Might as well just take the TCOLE while in the academy and get paid for it.


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        There are several academies where you can self sponsor yourself to get your peace officer certification. It is harder, but some people can get sponsored by a department.

        The department I retired from had its own academy, but the new location I live now, the departments only accept already certified peace officers since they have no academy themselves. I'm not in the know, but I wouldn't think they would sponsor anyone to go to the academy in the next county over unless it was a special circumstance.

        Again, Texas is FULL of LE opportunities. All big cities are made up of the main big city, but have several smaller departments with their own PDs in and around them. Some departments have police AND marshals. Of the 254 counties we have, each has elected sheriffs and constables along with their deputies. We have school district police, mass transit authority police, hospital police, college police, bailiffs, railroad police, state troopers, TABC agents, game wardens, state park police, city and county park police, etc, etc, etc. If you are marketable and you have the desire to be cop here in Texas, you would be the only one stopping you.

        Also, a local department where I'm at takes about 3 months IF you are already a certified peace officer.


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