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Austin TX rental property?


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  • Austin TX rental property?

    Sorry to crosspost, but after posting this thread in the Non-LE Topic forum, I realized it might get more focused attention from our Texan members if I posted it here.

    I have some questions of you guys about buying/owning/renting property in the Austin area, and would appreciate your input, insight, and feedback.

    Austin Questions

    Thanks y'all,

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    Depends on where you rent/buy. A lot of places in west and northwest Austin cost a lot. When I was looking at getting a new apartment/duplex it got really expensive. One duplex was a 2/1 (# bed/ # bath), 900 sq. ft. for the monthly cost of $1150.

    I was living in a 850 sq. ft. duplex 2/2 outside of Austin. We paid $595 for it a month. Well the landlord sold out and things started going downhill quick. We found out that a lease renewal would result in rent going to $625. They cut my buddies Peace Officer discount (along with raising the rent), but wanted him to continue to do the "extra security". Then as we were getting into the last days of living in the area we got a letter stating the place had been sold to another landlord and I figure that its going to be a slum in a few more months.

    Long story short, the best decision turned out to be to buy out further away from Austin and commute. For the price of rent I can pay on a mortgage and get a lot more room.

    Also if you buy realize that Travis County property taxes are higher than surrounding counties. If you want some more specific stats send me a PM.
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