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Places to live in Dallas


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  • Places to live in Dallas

    I know this topic was covered a little bit before, but I have another question for those who live in Dallas. I am interested in applying to the Dallas PD and I have read which areas are best to live in, but they mostly seem to be surrounding areas of Dallas. If you do an apartment search online on one of those websites, like, what about all the listings that come up with regards to all those apartment complexes listed for downtown Dallas? Apartment communites like "Post Heights" or "1900 Elm" or "The Phoenix". What are your opinions on living in a place like that? I've only been to Dallas once, and it was a very long time ago so I'm just wondering what you all thought of living in the downtown area. Thanks in advance!
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    Frisco, Plano, Gran Prairie, Arlington are good places to live. Frisco and Plano especially if you have kids.
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      The lofts downtown are very expensive and parking is funky. I have heard 1900 Elm is pretty nice, Post downtown and uptown apt's are expensive, not familiar with the Pheonix. The Wilson Bldg is nice, as is Southside on Lamar. One of the problems with living downtown is parking. I don't know about the others, but The Wilson Bldg has an underground parking garage in which you get one space. If you have smaller cars you can fit two, but it is tight. Any other visitors would have to find street parking, which is not recommended. Lots of 'street people' around downtown. One of the things I have heard about the old loft bldg's is that the walls are thin and tend to get noisy. That said, I do know a few people that live downtown, and they seem to like it.

      I am probably the only one who posts here that actually live in Dallas, not the suburbs, and I love it. It can be a pain finding a good place since the neighborhoods go from good to bad back to good in a matter of a block or two.

      There are some great smaller complexes, four and eight plexes around in lakewood area, M Streets and some parts of east Dallas and Oak lawn. It is possible to find good stuff in Oak Cliff (yes, I said that!) it just depends which parts. A lot of people that move here start off in the "Village".... it's a huge complex made up of different complexes. My first place was there... I hated it (don't like big complexes), but once I learned the city a little better, I knew where to look for what better suited me.
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        Thanks guys for your help and your PM as well. Once I get the ball rolling I will definitely be looking to you for further advice! Living in Boston I'm all too familiar with insane amounts of money being spent on rent. I don't think many things could shock me after living here as far as rent goes!

        It's also snowing outside right now. UGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.
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          True enough! You can also check North Dallas like around Addison area... I live in North Dallas along the border of Carrollton/Addison area. Pretty decent same as the price but you can find a good deal just keep looking. I haven't have the time to roam around Dallas proper like around downtown and stuff. They are right, too expensive to live there! But cheaper than Boston.


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