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Smaller Agency Vs. Big Agency


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  • Smaller Agency Vs. Big Agency

    Well, Looks like my long search is over I have gotten a pre-conditional job offer contigent on me passing a **** & psych test. It is a smaller agency with a population of 12,000.

    My question is those of you that have experience. what are the pro's and cons of workin with a smaller agency?

    Any info/advice is helpful.
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    con = you can't get lost in the crowd

    pro = you'll learn who does and doesn't belong in that town real quick
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      con = (as stated above) you cannot hide
      may not have many specialized departments
      may not be much opprotunity to earn rank

      pro = more chances to get out there and learn hands on
      usually easier to get your foot in the door, not because the standards are "lower" but because officers in small agencies have much more decision-making discretion, it seems.

      Good luck!
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        I worked for ~12yrs in a small agency in Harris County and am currently working for the City of Houston. My observations:

        A lot more opputunities to work in a specialized unit, whether investiative, administrative, tactical, etc..in a larger Dept.

        Easier to get lost in the crowd at a bigger agency. Downside to this--promotes slacking with some.

        In a small agency, you dont have all the specialized units, so the Officers become "better rounded" Officers who dont just lay out yellow tape and call a concerned division. Downside, some of those "better rounded" Officers shouldnt do anything other than lay yellow tape if you catch my drift.

        Smaller agency may allow for some proactive policing vs being a report taker in an understaffed busy agency.

        In a smaller agency, there is "less" beuracracy to deal with; none of this interoffice memo nonsense.

        If I had to do it again, I would go large agency.....retire....then small agency....


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