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    I am certified in the state of Florida, hated it, and moved back to NY. I hate the weather up here and am thinking about locating down to the Dallas area. I was just wondering what officers think about working in these areas. Like is it hard to get hired, the cost of living, stuff to do, etc.? Any feedback would be great. I sent in my applications for both Arlington anmd Dallas today so I should hear from them sometime soon I guess. Thanks

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    I would imagine Dallas is a lot easier. Obviously Arlington requires a BA as well. Why just those two departments? How about Fort Worth, or Mesquite?


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      i believe Ft Worth is trying to hire 100 new officers. Dont know much else though.


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        Originally posted by Mat25542
        i believe Ft Worth is trying to hire 100 new officers. Dont know much else though.
        This is true.


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          Ft Worth has not posted a test date yet.
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            Dallas is hiring TONS of officers ....they are looking to add another 300 to my understanding. I am set to start the May 2nd Academy. Dallas does not require a BA but they do require at least 60 credit hours and then there is incentive if you have earned more than that. I enjoyed the hiring process at DPD and all the officers I spoke to (some have been on only a few years and some for over 20) have all said they enjoy working for DPD and they have a really good program. Many also said for the officers that do leave to go to other departments many times you will see them a few years later wanting to come back. FYI: Dallas has one of the top pension programs in the Nation and also from what I've been told one of the top training programs. I do know Dallas is also trying to improve their image to the public so are really looking hard at the new recruits.

            In regards to living: Dallas has all levels of living can go from ghetto to highrise within minutes. I've lived in Dallas most of my life...originally from Chicago and then a short stunt in Florida (ugghh humidity)... I have enjoyed Dallas the most. There's tons to do and you don't have to drive far. Most of the "attractions" are in Arlington ...if you go to Arlington ..check out Mansfield right next door it's a good community if you have children ...nice suburb...If you go to Dallas you can pretty much live anywhere ...Plano, Garland, Addison, Dallas itself, Richardson and so forth....the further NE you go the higher the $$ and the more suburbia ...further SE is more rural and less $$ in any case the suburbs off of Dallas are growing at a Rapid pace and so housing prises are sky rocketing in some areas....but you shouldn't have a problem fitting in with all the options.
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