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    I hope no one minds that I started another DPD thread. The other one is very lengthy and dates back several years. I am considering applying with DPD to get back to the north central Texas area. While I have always wanted to be a State Trooper, I will be content with going to DPD. After all, they are a large police agency with multiple divisions, and paths for anyone to advance their career. With that being said, I hope that someone doesn't mind answering some of the questions that I, and I am sure others who will read this will have.

    * When does the next DPD Academy start?
    * Is the TCOLE certification pay, and other incentive pay, paid while attending the academy?
    * Does DPD assign duty station, or is there a choice? (I have a feeling you are assigned south Dallas).
    * Is there TCOLE training hours given for attending the Academy?
    * I know with the economy money is tight everywhere. Is there a DPD pay scale?
    * Does DPD provide all uniforms/ equipment.
    * When can I start working off-duty jobs.
    * Is there overtime pay?

    I know that some, if not all of these questions were probably answered in the other thread. but trying to sift through the 49 plus pages of that thread, with satellite internet isn't cutting it.

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    Here is the link for DPD recruiting. As you can see, they are actively hiring and testing. If you attend their academy, just like any other large city, you will receive your TCOLE certification and hours through the department.

    As for the other questions, I don't know. I don't live in or work for Dallas. This last weekend was the first time I have spent any time in the Metroplex and thought it was nice. I haven't heard anything good about the department, but that's all hearsay. I don't personally know anything about DPD aside that I like their Dodge Chargers and their uniforms.
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      Thanks for the reply. I used to live in the Dallas area and worked for a city just north of there. My wife and I miss it and are wanting to get back.


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