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  • Upcoming Plano Exam

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    Probably a good amount of number. Just score high on the test and you'll increase your chance to get hired.


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      i wish they had the physical and written same day... makes it hard for an out of state applicant to apply


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        Plano PD conducts written test and physical test on the same day. Here is what I received from the recruiter:

        Our next Police Officer Civil Service Entrance Exam will be held on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at the Plano Senior High School (2200 Independence Parkway, Plano, TX 75075) at 0800 hours. Applicants must pre-register to be allowed to take the exam. For registration information, hiring process and pre-registration packet visit the Plano Police webpage at www.planopolice.org.

        NOW HIRING!!!
        Plano PD IMage.jpg

        The Plano Police Department hires officers from an eligibility list established by individuals who successfully complete the City of Plano Civil Service written test. This list is valid for six (6) months or until it is exhausted. After successful completion of the Civil Service test, applicants are processed in the following manner:
        • Physical Fitness Test (immediately after the Civil Service Exam—each is a pass/fail standard)
        -Vertical Jump 16 Inches
        -Bench Press Push 79% of your body weight

        -Agility Run 18.9 Seconds
        -300 Meter Run 68.1 Seconds
        -Push Ups 25
        -1 Minute Sit Ups 33
        -1.5 Mile Run 16:48
        • Interview with a Background Investigator
        • Thorough Background investigation
        • Polygraph examination
        • Oral Review Board
        • Conditional Job Offer
        • Psychological Evaluation
        • Medical Examination
        • Final Review by the Chief of Police

        Police recruits who are not licensed peace officers in the State of Texas are required to complete a 22-week basic training program at a regional police academy (North Texas Council of Government or Collin County Law Enforcement Academy). After completing the academy, and successfully passing the Basic Peace Officer License examination, recruits attend a five week mini-academy at the Plano-Richardson Police Training Center in Plano. Plano recruits will be assigned to the Patrol Division for field training after completion and passing of the orientation phase. They will remain with a field training officer until completion of this training, approximately 17 weeks.

        Attached please find the Civil Service Compensation Plan, Mock Fitness Test Training Schedule, Written Test Tutoring Schedule and the required Pre-Registration Questionnaire (Deadline for registration is January 12, 2015 at 12:00 Noon).

        For more information on employment opportunities within the Plano Police Department contact the Professional Standards Unit at (972) 941-2436 or email [email protected].


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          Originally posted by emlaxstar9 View Post
          i wish they had the physical and written same day... makes it hard for an out of state applicant to apply
          They do! I hope you tested. They even help you out if you have a high enough score they offer for you to do the interview with a background investigator and polygraph the same weekend. I wasn't able to take the polygraph but got the interview over with.

          The investigator said they try to work with out of state applicants or from far away in Texas to make a little trips as possible. Which is a big relieve!


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