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    I'm from NY and recently tested for McKinney's may exam. I've been placed around the 20's on the list. I did extremely well on the PT (not sure if it matters because it's a pass/fail). Can anyone give me some insight on when I should be expecting a response from them? Are they still working on their previous list? How many officers are they potentially looking for? etc.

    I'm also scheduled to take the Irving exam next month (June). What should I expect on the test day (exam, # of applicants, etc)? Would it be quite similar to that of McKinney's?

    I have also put in my Personal History Statement to Frisco PD. I know they aren't civil service so there is no scheduled exam date. I sent in my PHS late March. When should I expect a response?

    Any insights/comments would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I would strongly encourage you to apply for Plano PD if you meet the requirement. Plano has the highest pay in the Metroplex and the department is state civil service. Plano is testing in June. Out of the three departments you have mentioned, I would pick Irving because they are civil service and their pay is comparable to Plano. In addition, they are busy too.


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      Do apply with Plano PD. All the agencies you applied with are good agencies. I have friends at all of them. Civil Service protection is always a plus.


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        I too am testing in June with Irving and had some of the same questions such as how many applicants should be expected. The website states 175-200 but a friend who tested last year said it was smaller. I'm flying in from Hampton VA and excited to be back in "God's Country" as I grew up in Blue Mound TX.

        Do you know of any exam study guides Irving uses?

        I've started to gather the required forms such as college transcripts, DD-214 (Marine Corps), family info, etc. and pumped to test as this is my first time testing with any police force.

        I've found an old link to the PHS which might be dated and a brief from a while back about Irving PD. A good idea on what to expect to complete on the PHS and some info on the department in the brief.



        Best of luck!
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          It's not my intent to hijack your post, cdh, but I was wondering if there were any Irving LEOs around that could field a few questions via PM. Thanks in advance.


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            I definitely did look into Plano but unfortunately I'm only half way through my Bachelor's, and I know a 4 year degree is a minimum over there.

            Texan101, I just received my confirmation letter and on the upper right corner it says (49 of 275), so my best guess is there are at least 275 signed up to show up.. And although this is only my 2nd police exam I'll be taking, I used this book to study for my first one, and the actual exam which was at McKinney was almost identical in format with the study guide. I'm pretty sure Irving's won't be too different because they're civil service as well.

            http://www.publicsafetycompass.com/study (Entry-Level Police 2nd ed)

            And Five Whiskey, same goes for me, buddy!


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              CDH & Tex,

              That's the same study guide that Plano advises their applicants to use--seems like many PDs in the area draw their question bank from materials found in this guide. Definitely worth the 23 bucks.

              Best wishes to you both.

              *CDH and I are still hoping an Irving LEO can answer a few questions over PM if one is available and willing. Many thanks.


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                Irving's study guide

                Afghan (2011-2012)
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                  Thanks a bunch, Rush. And thank you for reaching out via PM.


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                    A bachelor's degree is the minimum for entry level applicants with no military experience. If you have 4 or more years law enforcement experience or 4 years in the military I believe you meet the requirements for Plano PD.


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                      Mailed my background info for McKinney today. Now the waiting game starts...

                      Also sent in applications to Frisco, and Plano.

                      Best of luck to all of you.
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                        I've toured Frisco's department and talked a bit with one of the LTs. From the sound of it, they will be selecting applicants to test sometime this fall (October or later).

                        I'm considering taking the Irving and Plano exams this June and seeing how they pan out, see you all there!


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