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Work Shift Survey-12 hours vs 10 hours etc


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  • Work Shift Survey-12 hours vs 10 hours etc

    Interested to see what shifts people work particularly with smaller agencies to provide 24/7 coverage. We have about 30 officers now and work 12 hour shifts. We only have 4 squads. 6 am to 6 pm and the opposite. One shift works Sun, Mon, Tues, and every other Wed. The other shift works Thurs, Fri, Sat, and every other Wed.

    This really fatiques people working so many 12s in a row plus every one works off duty. Please post your feedback on what how your agency provides coverage as far as shift and days off. Management has indicated that we do not have enough officers to work 10's but I do not think this is so.

    Thanks for the input:

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    I work for a 50 man Dept. We have 4 shifts 6am-6pm or 6pm to 6am. Now as far as schedule we have a long week and then a short week. For example, on our long week is as follows work Monday /Tuesday OFF Wednesday/ Thursday WORK Friday/ Sat/Sun… Rotate to the short week OFF Monday/ Tuesday WORK Wednesday/ Thursday OFF Friday / Saturday/ Sunday. It is nice to have every other weekend off for three days… It not bad with the fatigue either.
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      We work 6-6, week 1 we work M/Tu/F/Sa/Su, and week 2 we work W/Th.

      I actually like the sound of your schedule better than ours. I've worked my schedule almost my entire adult life and it gets old, especially on nights when you sleep your entire day off. I'd love to have 3 days off minimum and 4 days off every other weekend.

      A department I know of works 10 hour shifts. Month 1 they work M-Th and the next month they work F-M. Monday is their rotation day where everyone works. I like it and wish we would go to it.


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        I'm 8 to 5 now, but I came from patrol where it was 4/10s. I loved my 3 days off. I know you can get used to 12 hour days, but I don't think I would like doing 12 hours and have court during my off hours that day. More than 12 hours in a vest really gets to me.


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          We do the same as Tcode. We are a 25man dept. and most like it. It is nice having every other weekend off and 3 12's is most you work in a row.
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            While both 4/10 and 3/12 put the same number of personnel hours on the street, 4/10 can limit the manner in which you effectively deploy your personnel.

            The extra day off granted each week under 4/10 is the result of the overlap created by the extra two hours worked each shift. That’s great if you have daily problems necessitating concentrated patrol during certain hours but at the same time, that extra day off effectively results in an overall 20% reduction in patrol coverage outside those two hour overlap windows. That’s why managers aren’t comfortable with 4/10.

            FWIW, my agency experimented with 3/12 for several years now and found fatigue to be extremely problematic, particularly for graveyard officers who go to court during their sleeping hours. A directive was recently issued granting Area offices the discretion to go back to 4/10. It will mean less coverage but also less fatigue.
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              10 hour shifts is the most expensive, staff intensive shift structure. 8 hour shifts is the second most staff intensive and the biggest generator of unscheduled overtime. 12 hour shifts is the best shift system for 24/7 coverage.

              One agency I worked for didn't like the 84 hour pay period. So, we worked 3 twelves one week and 3 twelves and an eight hour shift the next. We bid by seniority for our short day.


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                I've been doing 12's and even 16's (in my security job) for so long now that they don't phase me. I'd love short shifts, but I like having the days off. In departments with low pay, I think the 12's are crucial so you have days off for off duty work or 2nd jobs. With small departments, 12's allow more staffing with fewer individuals. If an agency pays high enough, then personally I'd prefer 8's or 10's since I wouldn't have to rely on extra work.
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                  I work 12's and will not work somewhere that doesnt have them. I LOVE 12's. They have never bothered me since i get so much time off.

                  We work mon tues on, wed thurs off, fri sat sun on, mon tues off, wed thurs on and fri sat sun off. This is the best schedule. It makes family life so much easier since I have every other weekend off.

                  We also switch days to nights every 4 months.


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                    When I first started back in 1996, we worked 8 hour days - 7 days on, 2 days off, 8 days on, 4 days off. If anyone ever recommends this schedule, run far far away as quickly as you can.

                    Since then I've worked several varieties. I definitely favor 12 hours shifts. The schedule mentioned above (mon/tue/fri/sat/sun and then wed/thur) is nice, but definitely favors dayshift. When you are on nights, you really only end up getting 1 day off because of sleep. But being able to burn 2 days leave on the wed/thurs gets you an entire week off. Thats really nice.

                    My current schedule is fixed 12's. We work either sun/mon/tues, or weds/thurs/fri, and then we alternate saturdays. I love it. Fatigue is a factor when you are on your 4 day stretch, but like was already mentioned we get a short day built in to eliminate OT.


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