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  • Moving from California

    I plan on moving from California to Texas within the next year. I have five years on here, and I understand I can't "lateral". Has anyone else gone through the Cali to Texas move and can explain the difficulty with the TCLEOSE test and such?

    Also, I want to move to the Galveston area (anywhere near the ocean really).. what area is getting the least amount of economic damage as far as may be hiring still?

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    I believe most agencies will hold your commission as long as u can pass tcleose. The test is not too difficult. My coworker was working in GA and moved here (TX). He challenged and passed. He then aplied and was picked up.

    Pm me if u have any questions. I too moved from Cali (southern) over 4 years ago and worked with the orange county sheriffs dept as a civi


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      Departments in the Galveston area are still hiring, but it is normally not a whole lot of officers at any one time. Galveston PD has some financial issues and there is some political turmoil going on that is thicker than normal. Galveston SO's Sheriff Poor has announced that he is not going to run in 2012, which also has some political ramifications. Texas City PD, League City PD, Friendswood PD all seem to hire once to twice a year. Harris County is still hiring, but I don't know how long that will last. Smaller departments in the Houston area may be financially sound, or may be too small to make the news. Do your due diligence. Houston has some major financial issues that are starting to impact the city, while the PC Council worries about "Diversity" within the management ranks. All of the Constable's Offices have had a reduction in force in the past couple of weeks. This has lead to a glut of well qualified officers for openings. Well connected officers probably find some place pretty qick to hang their hat at, if the department is non-civil service.

      DPS (Highway Patrol) is still hiring but expect to be along the boarder for the first few years.

      http://tml.associationcareernetwork....aspx?cabbr=TML will tell you who is hiring all over the state.

      League City PD is testing in June. http://www.leaguecity.com/index.aspx?NID=626

      Expect a great deal of competition, cost of living is good and it is a reasonably financially stable area, but it is still tied to NASA and the Petrol chemical companies.

      Good luck. Galveston Beaches will disappoint you, brown water and tar balls.

      Realize that the salary will be different here than it is in CA, just like the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico is very different from the beaches of CA.
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