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    To all my Texas Brothers and Sisters: Get that LASIK if/when you can. Had mine on Thursday and it's amazing how well I can see. Recovery time for me was approximately 4 hours, although I was supposed to keep the shields on my eyes for 24 hours. Do it!

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    Lasik is great. That being said, it doesn't last forever. I had 20/40 vision with astigmatism and got the surgery around Aug 07. My first few check ups I had 20/10 or 20/15 vision. I just had another eye exam on 16-March and found out that my vision is worsening. This is actually to be expected, even the Dr. will tell you it doesn't last forever. It was explained to me that as you grow older vision will deteriorate just as it normally would, so eventually everyone will require glasses. Unfortunately for me, I'm only 24 and my vision is already worsening. My surgery was free so I don't regret it the least bit, but if I had to pay for it I would have to think twice knowing what I know. I'm not saying its a useless procedure, just that if you're vision isn't too bad maybe consider if its that much of a benefit vs cost. I'm also pretty sensitive towards light and halo at night worse than ever. I'm not complaining since it was free, just giving people something to think about.


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