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Coming to Dallas to test next week


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  • Coming to Dallas to test next week

    Hi everyone on the board I have been a very frequent visitor and observer to the site and have gained so much useful knowledge from you guys and wanna thank you for that. I am posting because I have a variety of questions and any help will be so much appreciated. I will be leaving from Chicago to drive to Dallas on Friday (16 hrs) to begin testing next Monday my exam is scheduled for 10am, what is the best way to study for this exam and how hard is it. This is my first test for any PD and Dallas has been a target of mine for the longest, gotta get out of the cold. Also I'm reading that there is allot of rumors about a hiring freeze and what not, is their anyway I can make it into any academy this year and whats the latest news on possible hiring freeze? I will be graduating in May with a Bachelors degree in Sociology and would like to make a smooth transition if possible. I have also been told by numerous individuals that me being African American and with a college degree is a big plus for me, I take that with a grain of salt. Any information will be taken with much appreciation and will be a big deal of help for me. Also any help on the testing process will also help also.

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    You should check out flights my man. Gas is crazy, you may be better off (money wise) flying out. There is a big thread in the Texas section on Dallas that will answer all of your questions.
    I wish you luck in your dream!!

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      If your dream is Dallas, keep trying. But be advised you're coming down at a very bad time for the city. The city council has put the city in the hole, big time. None of them know what the hell they're doing, and they keep spending money on beautification projects and pointless construction at the expense of city services, including police.

      Word is the person in the chief position made comments recently of wanting to close the academy and put them back into patrol... but, in typical fashion, none of us will know what's going on until it's in the news....
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        thanks guys...yes I have kinda picked that up from a number of posts all you guys have made, I am going on determination and hope it can't hurt to test and see how it goes, I also have testing in Arlington in May, as you see I kind of wanna stay around that area.


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