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Sick time....collective bargining contract


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  • Sick time....collective bargining contract

    Are you able to buy back any of your sick time at the end of the fiscal year?

    My current agency maxes out at 260 hrs and can't earn anymore after it maxes out.
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    Here, unused vacation time rolls over to sick time on your anniversery date in addition to the 15 days earned annually. You can accumulate as many sick days as you want, I have 360 right now, but are only paid for 90 upon retirement.
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      Nope. Max accumulation is some really high number like 1500 hrs or something. If you were hired before a certain date, you would get paid half your sick time when you end your job. Now, they don't pay out any.


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        I max out at 480 hrs of sick and 240 hrs of vacation, once at that max I do not accumulate any more until I use some. Currently I have been maxed out on both for two months....I feel a cold coming on..JK we are try to raise our sick max for the next contract or have the Town place anything earned after maxing out in a "bank account" in the event we need a long extended sick time for what ever reason.

        Sorry and all the time continues, we do not lose any of the time from year to year, everything gets carried over. If your not maxed out on vacation, we can "sell" sick time for half vacation, meaning 20 hrs of sick will give you 10 hrs of vacation, but this can only be done once a year.
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          Nope. Not at all.


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            Our vacation max is based on years of service. Anything over that max converts to sick. Sick leave accured is unlimited, and any unused sick & vacation is added on to years of service come retirement.


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              Sick is unlimited, and on separation you get paid for 720 hours of it. From time to time, they try to sell us sick time at 1/2 price, but I don't know how many buy. I don't think many.

              Vacation time can't be accrued, it is "use it or lose it" with only 40 hours being allowed to roll to the next year.
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                We can't buy it back at the end of the year, but we don't have a max on how much sick time we can earn. Right now, we can cash out 1700 hours of sick time when we retire.


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