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Call Volume Dallas v Fort Worth


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  • Call Volume Dallas v Fort Worth

    I was just wondering would you guys compare Dallas and Ft Worth as having pretty much the same type of call volume and call load in each of their busy sectors? Also would you say both departments are pretty pro-active? I applied with Ft Worth, however I am thinking about applying with Dallas as well. Thanks for any info.

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    There is a button on the front page of the DPD website titled "Active Calls" that when you click will pull up a list of calls... not sure about Ft Worth though...
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      If you are coming from out of state, I would recommend applying at as many of the departments in the metroplex as you can while you are here.

      Too be more specific to your question, I am really only familiar with Dallas' call load since that's where I work. I would suspect that since Ft Worth is also a major city, that call loads and types of calls are very similar. The suburbs also have very similar calls since criminals are mobile and don't really have to go very far to be in another jurisdiction. Most of the smaller departments don't have anywhere near the call load Dallas has though.


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