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  • DPD vision requirements

    According to the website, an apllicant must have "No worse than 20/100 vision rating in either eye, correctable to 20/20". Does anyone know if its a true automatic disqualifier? I have a squaky clean background, steady job history,I graduate college in May, and I meet every other requirement but I have an uncorrected vision at 20/200 in both eyes I believe. I am corrected to 20/20 in both eyes though with contacts/glasses. I was super excited about going down to Dallas for the weekend testing in January until I saw this. Without lasik, am I automatically done for? Does anyone know anybody with worse than 20/100 uncorrected vision in the department? Thanks in advance guys

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    Call or email a recruiter-If you call, hit the option for background investigator as you will be more likely to get a person to pick up.
    I tt someone there and they said uncorrected is 20/100...but if you don't pass their rinky dink exam they will allow you to bring proof from your eye doctor that you are no worse than 2/100 uncorrected....on a case by case basis. From what I read on here...some people failed the color blind test but ok'd by a eye doctor and were in like flint.
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      From what I know, they are firm on the 20/100.

      A friend of mine's vision is worse than that and he can't apply.
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        I had contacted them about 4 years ago with this as my vision is about 20/400 uncorrected. Was told the only way in hell I could get hired was if I had lasik performed that corrected it to at least 20/100 without contacts. Im not sold on eye surgery yet so told them to TYA.


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