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Who's hiring?? A few other Questions


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  • Who's hiring?? A few other Questions

    Im giong into the LEA at the Greenspoint Center near Belt 8 and 45N in Houston. I start Nov. 2nd, anyone else going out there??? Anyways my questoins being, who will be hiring in 6 months after im done with the academy??? I got a couple of guys that I can use for references and put in good word for me at the Harris County Constables (Precinct 5 in West Houston). I guess ill lay this down too, I cant go to HPD because I failed there poly back in 2005, they gave me a letter saying I couldnt re-apply with them anymore. I can go for any other agency in Houston but I wanna stick to West Houston since I live out on Barker Cypress and I10.

    I also got a contact with US Marshals which is helping me get into the DUSM. Keeping my options open.

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    Sounds like your going to Lone Star College for the academy. I started there last year but quit and I'm glad I did. I went to Houston Community College LEO academy and it was way better. I highly recommend the HCC academy over the Lone Star. It has a better reputation out there.
    I graduated Monday and I actually applied at Pct.5 today. They told me they were on a hiring freeze, and didn't say how long it would last. But maybe by the time you finish the academy it might be over.

    Good luck to you!


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      What difference is there between the HCC and the Lonestar one?? Only reason Im going there is because its the closest to my home. I live out in west houston on Barker Cypress and I10. The instructors at the Lonestar one from what ive been told are prior law enforcement and current cops. My friend from the contables went there and told me precinct 5 hires from there but if they have a freeze well then that different and maybe it will be gone by the time I finish. I would go to another Academy but the HCC branch is too far and besides I was Cy Fair college student so im in the system already.


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        LoneStar College's LEA is an established program and I know several of my co-workers who graduated from there and are very good at their job. A few of my co-workers even teach parts of the LSC adaemy. They are strictly academic and for some that is OK. HCC and U of H-Downtown also include Physical Training in thier courses id addition to the academics. Closest to home does not always mean the best. When I went to the academy, I was closer to San Jac but did my research and decided to go to U of H, afterall my future was worth a little more time and effort to get the best education possible. I looked at the passing rate for the TCLEOSE exam (1st attempt) and the washout rate of the academy. I also looked at the leadership turnover at the different academies. Rex White has been a staple at U of H of years.

        When you are sponsoring yourself through an academy you have to look at the reputation of the school you decide to go to, that is the reputation you will carry with you as you enter the job market (not saying that going to LSC will keep you from getting a job). I was told by one of the agency I previously worked for that the reason they did pick me over another candidate was because I graduated from UH-D CJC. They knew I was going to be knowlegable and professional because of the way Rex White runs his program.

        As for who is hiring, the various Constables offices are almost always hiring. Right now the freeze is probably temporary due to the time of the year and contracts up for renewal. By the time you graduate, there will be openings somewhere in the Houston/Harris County area. Don't look just at C5 because they are close to where you live, sometimes that isn't always a good thing to be living around the same citizens you serve. You have to interact with them on duty but do you really want to see them when you are off. Nothing like someone recognizing you while you are at dinner with friends/family and them asking you about their case or worse.
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          Thanks for the info Thrichie, maybe I should had done more research in picking the Academy. By phsical training do you mean exercising or physically dealing with combative suspects or people you pull over?? Im in pretty good shape so the academy not having PT isnt a big deal to me.


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            There's actually quite a few openings in TX.

            Try these resources.


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              You do realize that just because you live in West Houston, doesn't mean you will be assigned to West Houston, don't you? HCCO Pct 5 covers SW Houston as well, a good ways away from where you reside.

              If you're going to limit yourself to agencies only in the area close to where you live, you're probably setting yourself up for disappointment and a small selection pool.
              Moooooooooooo, I'm a goat


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                Originally posted by Zurita210 View Post
                Thanks for the info Thrichie, maybe I should had done more research in picking the Academy. By phsical training do you mean exercising or physically dealing with combative suspects or people you pull over?? Im in pretty good shape so the academy not having PT isnt a big deal to me.
                yes physical training is the exercise aspect. I was physically fit when I went through the academy too but you will find the PT sessions helpful in getting you prepared for the physical agility tests many departments require as part of the hiring process.

                JSD73 is right C5 is a large agency don't expect to get hired and assigned to the westside. I know many rooks that get sent to the southwest side it is a good area to find out if you are going to make it or wash out.

                Good luck and whatever you do don't tell any local agency that you are wanting to go Fed in the near future they aren't going to want to waste their time and effort training you for you to leave.


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                  Thanks for the info everyone,

                  Physical part I have no problem with, I was in the army and real good runner. Ive done fitness test for alot of agencies even though it didnt count. I was just trying to see how good I could perform in them. Ive done HPD's which I aced, Ive done the entry level fitness test for Sheriffs which I smoked everyone on the run as well. I do P90X and CrossFit. Im not worrying about any of the agencies fitness test, call it cocky but I just call it being in good shape.

                  2nd, I know I said I want precinct 5 but im willing to go elsewhere as well. Trying Sheriffs, Metro, Constables, HISD PD, Katy PD, Katy ISD and other ones that I can reach out to. One thing is for sure, I cant go for HPD because I failed their poly way back in 2005, ended up receiving a letter saying I couldnt re apply with them anymore. Ive talked to HPD cops and they told me only way HPD might take me back is to prove im good with another agency and then try to transfer. But whats the point of transfering, I cant just stick out with any agency that hires me and if I like it then ill stay.

                  Got a question though?? Reason why I wanted to do law enforcement was to do specialty jobs, I know it takes time and at least 2yrs or more of experience with the department. Ive heard some agencies dont have specialty jobs like SWAT, QRF teams, Narcotics, K9, Bomb Squad. Can someone mention to me some of the agencies that dont have specialty jobs???


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                    So far the toughest Fitness test Ive heard of has been the FBI one. It requires plenty of running events but I was helping a buddy of mine with the running events and finally got him to pass it. Nobody ever beats the military's fitness program so I dont worry much about it. Here are my stats to date.

                    9:15 on mile and a half run, which plenty of departments have you run.
                    Just in case my 2 mile I range between 13:00 and 13:45.
                    Push ups I can do like 80 in 2 minutes or 40-50 in 1 minute
                    Sit ups I am weak but I can knock out like 80 in 2 minutes or 40 in 1 minute.
                    US Marshals has a sit and reach which Im good at because pretty flexible.
                    Pull ups - about 15 to 20
                    Chin ups - 20
                    These are my numbers for the most part


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                      O yea and I knew that Lonestar didnt have PT neither. But they are making that change soon by summer of next year. I thought you were talking about PT like dealing with angry people you pull over and hand to hand. Stuff like that


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