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    My name is Albert, for the longest ive been trying to get on law enforcement. I served 3yrs in the Army in Field Artillery and 8 months in Iraq from March 2003 to November 2003. I ETS on June 2004. My first 2 jobs out of the military were security for total of 2 plus years of experience. Worked for 2yrs for a civil engineering company. That's pretty much my background and im 26yrs old. Ive been wanting to join law enforcement for the longest but im having a hard time. Coming out the military I tried out for Sheriffs here in Houston but when I found out from other Deputies and HPD guys that you end up working the jail for more than 1 year I ended up not doing it. Shortly after I tried HPD back in 2005, I almost made it but failed my poly, yes I lied and it was my fault I failed. LESSON LEARNED!!! I was immature and wanted to be the perfect candidate and was scared I wouldnt get in so I lied thinking I could get away with it. In late 2008 I took the test for border patrol for the 2nd time and this time passed it, I got all the way to the POLY and FAILED again. This time im not at fault. The administrator and I spoke about what was going on, I told him I wasnt lying and I really wanted this job and wouldnt lie becuase I wanted to start my career and I had learned my lesson from Houston Police Department. We spoke and he ended up saying that you can fail the Poly for many reasons, 1) could be because your so nervous about taking it (which I was), 2) He told me could be because I might be suffering from PTSD or 3) because I wasnt concentrating on the questions at hand.

    Not too long after I got kicked out of Border Patrol I met a DUSM through my uncle who. Ive never met the guy face to face but he handed his card to my uncle and my uncle gave it to me and told me to call him. We talked and he told me there would be a hiring window for region 7 before the year ends even though there had been one for region 7 back in March which I know of. Ive heard plenty of things from people in this forum and others. Ive been told there wont be another hiring window for a long time but Ive heard others say there will be one or there might be one before the year ends. My contact here in Houston for the Marshals says his best friend is a recruiter, so his information might be true, I for one am not the type to sit around and wait. So im trying to keep my options open, I got about 31 college credits. Im still waiting to see if the Marshals word about the window is true but now im trying to get in with the Sheriffs just in case the Marshals dont come through. A lot of people say I dont have suffiecient experience, so even if the window does open I will be cut because of it. Sorry for making this so long but I just needed pointers or opinions on what I could possibly do or what other law enforcement agency I could join whether its local or federal. I still want to be in law enforcement. I have trouble with the Poly even when I say the truth, just wondering if people could help me some... Thanks for reading.
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    Without your basic TCLEOSE license, you are limiting yourself to agencies who have their own academies. There are 2,165 LE agencies in Texas, or so I'm told, and the majority of them don't have an academy. They either hire laterals or graduates of various statewide academies.

    If you are currently working, you may want to consider putting yourself through an academy on your own dime. It might increase your chances on landing a LEO job.

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      Yea I was planning on doing that. Pretty much VA would pay for it because I have my GI Bill from the Army. I was planning on going to a college to get my TCLEOSE and then joining a small Police Department like Katy PD or Katy ISD, something like that. But before I decide that im going to try it out with the Harris County Sheriffs


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        I figured I would give the Sheriffs a try again. I wanted to join back in 2004 when I first got out of the Army but when I learned that you would need to work the jail for a certain a number of years I was discouraged and dropped out of the hiring process, but I have changed my mind now. I rather give it a try since the Sheriffs pay you while in the Academy and other Departments dont since they dont have their own Academies. Ill start of as a jailer and move my way up to Deputy and then I will make my move with the Feds.


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          Originally posted by rgrcommo
          LE agencies really want to see that you have applied to many different departments; it shows them that you are "wanting" to get into this career.
          How many agencies you apply to has no bearing on a departments decision. In some cases it could hurt you. My brother applied to anything he could find and his hiring process with HPD took twice as long as mine b/c of this. The background investigator has to speak with every agency you've applied to to see where you got in the process and why you stopped or were turned down.


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