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    What up guys??? My name is Albert and im from Houston. I made this thread to see if any guys from Houston or anyone for that matter knew about jobs in Houston.

    This is pretty much my background and history of trying jobs out. Im a 3 yr veteran of the Army with 8 months in Iraq as an Artillery guy. I worked 2 security jobs after leaving the Army. I tried HPD but got cut for failing the Poly. I tried Sheriffs but didnt like the idea of having to work at County jail for a year or more. I tried Border Patrol but failed again the Poly but this time it wasnt my fault, I learned from failing my first Poly and actually told the truth, the administrator said I could of failed for many other reasons like maybe suffering from PTSD or not concentrating on the questions. Right now im trying to get on with US Depurty Marshals, I have a contact with the Marshals who's helping me but am also unemployed. Ive been unemployed for 3 months and cant managed to get a job. Ive learned from many guys on this forums that US Marshals will not be hiring anymore but my contact insist that they will, he's kind of a big guy here in Houston with the marshals so I dont know who to beleive. Anyways to make a big story short, Im looking for a job and im looking for anyone who would know about job openings in law enforcement including security. Or if anyone knows any other law enforcement agencies hiring at the moment, I only have have military as a background but no school, i got like 31 college credits. Would appreciate if anyone could help me with that...

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    My advice to you would be to find a Basic Peace Officer Academy and put yourself through on the GI bill. Upon passing your TCLEOSE opt for a smaller municipal department or Rual County Sheriff's Office. Get a few years under your belt and make contacts. Also if you think that PTSD is the reason for your poly failure than I'd seek counseling VA offers alot of benefits for PTSD. Know when you do apply for now on you have to put the reasons you did not get on prior. In this career field credibility is EVERYTHING. Good Luck to you.
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