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K-9 Down - Winfield, Tx Police Department

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  • K-9 Down - Winfield, Tx Police Department

    Winfield drug dog Nitro is killed in line of duty
    By CASEY BUECHEL - Tribune Staff Writer
    Saturday, July 11, 2009 12:38 PM CDT

    Winfield Police officers, along with all area officers, are mourning the death of Nitro, the Winfield drug dog and partner of Sgt. Charlie Walker, who was killed in the line of duty as he worked Interstate Highway 30 Friday morning. .

    "We're just still in shock right now," said Winfield Chief J.R. Reyes.

    Nitro, a black Labrador Retriever, was working along Interstate Highway 30 at the 154 eastbound mile marker with Walker at approximately 2:20 a.m., when he separated from Walker and, in an apparently youthful burst of enthusiasm, began running along the Interstate.

    "He was only 2 and ½ and, really, that's still young for a Lab," said Reyes.

    It was the wrong time for Nitro to want to run.

    "Charlie was calling him back when Nitro was struck and killed by an 18-wheeler," said Reyes.

    According to Reyes, Nitro died instantly when he was struck.

    "It's just devastating for Charlie and for all of us," said Reyes.

    "Nitro didn't normally do things like that. I mean, yes, he was sometimes hyperactive like most Labs, but he normally didn't behave that way when he was working," Reyes said.

    Nitro was 2 and ½ years old and had been working with Walker for more than a year.

    He and Walker not only worked drug interdiction on the Interstate as part of their duties with the Winfield Police Department, they also assisted the Mount Pleasant Police Department and the Titus County Sheriff's Office when those agencies served search warrants or searched vehicles during traffic stops.

    "I don't know for sure how much dope and money was seized or how many people were arrested on felony charges because of Nitro, but I do know he was responsible for a lot of drugs being taken off the streets," Reyes said.

    A memorial service is being planned for Nitro at this time.

    For those not familiar with Winfield, it is located on Interstate 30 between Mount Vernon and Mount Pleasant 107 miles East of Dallas.
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    I am a Narc K9 with a lab the same age. I am a city cop and do not work alot of the highways and interstates. Not an easy job with all the traffic.


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      Nitro was a heck of a drug dog. Saw him bust a car Thursday morning, then found out Friday he had been killed.


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        That sucks

        Is it true or false that killing a K-9 in the line of duty is the same as killing a police officer?


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          I guess it depends on what you mean by "the same." It's the same in the sense that the K-9's partner and the dept. will be saddened and angered by the loss. But I don't think it would ever be classified as murder, since it was not the killing of a person, which is how most generic homicide statutes read. However, I think it can carry a lot stiffer penalties and additional charges than if you were to kill your neighbor's chihuahua, for example.
          Regardless, it sounds like this was an accident.
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            RIP Brother Nitro...


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