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  • DFW area next 90 days

    All applicants, newhires and interns..............

    Hypothetically Speaking (of course)

    1. If you wanted to get hired TOMORROW or ASAP, what is the very first thing you would do............then second..........third..........etc?

    Sorry to sound so "out of touch", but there is a good reason. Despite what I would consider effort on my part...............I sit at home everyday wondering which way to jump and at the end of the day seem to get no closer to a law enforcement career.

    I need to nail down something within the next 90 days or forget it!!

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    Meet with a recruiter and turn in the application. You just need to get started meaning instead of "shopping" around looking at different departments, start filling out applications and turning them in.
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      Find a DPD recruiter, I am in the Academy right now and from date of first test to start date was 60 days. They are really hiring right now. I have been here since the end of may and the third class behind me starts today.


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        Arlington's recruiting and hiring process has been streamlined. Well qualified applicants are often hired within five weeks. You must have a baccalaureate degree.

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