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  • Family-friendly Police Departments

    I have a question that I'm being forced to ask, by my wife. We're looking to relocate, somewhere, and before I pinpoint an area, my wife is worried that we will end up with another police department that could care less about your family, emergencies, and such. Any departments around the Dallas area that have decent vacation/personal day/sick day policies? If we move, it will just be us and the two kids and being working parents, it's nice to know that your department will allow you to take a day off or adjust your schedule once in awhile without being an arse about it. Anything like that out there??? Thanks.

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    First of all, I have no knowledge about Dallas area departments, I've worked for 2 different agencies and all seem about the same in terms of a set number of vaction/sick days. I've never heard of personal days. Anything over that is non-paid if you go over.
    Most depts. will say they are family oriented, but when it comes down to it if co-workers/supervisors start complaining about excessive absenses from work, you might be looking for new work.
    If you decide to work for a big dept, it might not matter that much, but keep in mind, the time you are out, someone else has to cover your shift. That gets old pretty quick. Law Enforcement is a big family, but when it comes down to the other officer missing their family time because of you missing work, it just goes downhill.
    All this is my opinion because I have been in that 'other officer' before numerous times. It blowz because I want my days off to spend how I want and be with my family. I don't get paid OT, its comp-time with my department. Just something to think about. Good luck.
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      Tarrant County Sheriffs Dept has personal time for family Emergencies. We get 1 week personal, 1 week sick, and 2 weeks’ vacation a year. As long as it does not appear to be a pattern when you take days off our dept is good about being there for you. Now I work detention, but I can foresee it being much different for our boys on the street.


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        I don't work for them but if I were looking for a new dept, Mansfield PD would be on my short list. They are just south or Arlington in the heart of the D/FW area.

        I spent a week in their dept and my observations were that they were family oriented and wanted to take care of their officers. Talking with some of the officers, they said that was very much the case. One to consider. Good luck.
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