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    Originally posted by ab04 View Post
    Any one have any info on what the academys like?
    Study hard, study smart. Learn them 10 General Orders. Study as much TCLEOSE material as possible. If you end up staying at the academy on the weekend, try and at least go watch a movie Friday or Saturday to break the monotny(sp).

    Find a study group, and don't sweat duty locations until the last month you are there.
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      Thanks for the reply. So whats PT like in the academy, and what seems to be the biggist area that troopers go to after the academy?


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        PT depends on You

        I came straight out of the Marine Corps, and was in the academy one week later. The PT did not push me for the first nine weeks. After that it was stepped up a notch. Its challenging at times, but it never challenged me more than the Marine Corps. All you have to do is survive it, and don't mentally defeat yourself.

        The key to that academy is to work hard, study hard, and keep your mouth shut. Don't step up or try to be a leader. Its detrimental. No matter what they tell you. Stick to the basic three things I stated above, and you will more than likely get the station or at least near the station you want.

        I said don't be a leader, but what I meant was don't be a VOCAL leader. Lead by example. Be the quiet humble leader. They don't want to hear your opinions or thoughts. No matter what they tell you. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, and blend in with the rest.-----------That advise goes good for FTO after the academy also.


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          Wrong thread
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            Man you really hijacked this thread.


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