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Germantown or Collierville Police Depts.


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  • Germantown or Collierville Police Depts.

    Hey all,
    I am currently a ten year veteran of the Memphis Police Dept. I am C.I.T, bike certified and a few other certifications including crime scene investigator basic school a long while back. I also have a Bachelors degree.I know some officers who switched from Germantown and Collierville to Memphis, but not the other way around. Can someone give me any specifics about the agencies? Does anyone know if they take laterals, and if so could I keep my time? Keep my senority? Rollover my retirement? Start at top out (5 year??) pay? or any other transfer of benefits, etc I may be missing.
    What are there retirement systems? Benefit systems? etc.
    Any input would be appreciated. Thank You.

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    memphis po po,

    we probably know each other, cause I worked on MPD as well, a little longer than you.

    Talk to Tommy. I hear he has an in with G'town. C'ville is looking to hire and I was told hey start out around 39,000. No academy with POST. Don't know about the benefits, however, they have a lot of people jumping ship b'cause of a lack of benefits and support from the city and admin.

    G'town, supposedly, matches MPD in pay but, I do not know about the bennies.

    Also, Tipton is hiring walking through the door. I don't mean any harm, but, if you are not a minority, any of them will let you walk thru the door. Just what I heard from some of the people that work at these agencies.

    I feel ya on leaving MPD though.


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      Hey, we probably do know each other. If I leave I will tell you who I am but right now I don't want to put it out on a web sight. Yeah If Gtown will match my pay I am going to talk to them. I have had it up to my @$$ with this city and this dept. In short Memphis sucks and I got to get out. Of course I am deciding this after we can finally move, but I am tired to the bones of working these streets. No, I am not a minority and I would like to stay close to the 50,000 we make now but am willing to take a pay cut down to around 40. I will call Tommy at the Union sometime this week and see what he knows. Thanks man and stay safe.

      P. S. Screw Godwin and his *&^% blue flush.


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        memphis po po,
        Amen on the Godwin part. As much as I loved working the streets, the thing that killed my joy wasn't the a*&holes on the streets, but the people we reported to who don't support the average officer.

        You be safe and as much as I hate what has become of MPD and the image of you guys on the street, I pray for you guys' safety and for better fortune to come soon.

        I have so many friends still on the job whose views are changing and have changed, to where I NEVER thought they would.

        You be safe and I really hope G'town works out for you. Although pretty political, they don't seem to screw with their officers there.


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          G'town vs MPD

          Memphis Po Po,

          I talked with a former G'twon officer who left on good terms. He stated they are now equivalent to memphis on benefits and pay.

          Have you talked to Tommy or called G'town? If so, how did it go?


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            Yeah I called G'town. They will not let me bring over my time or roll over my retirement. I will have to start at day one and there retirement is 30yrs and out. They have a lateral pay scale of 33,000 roughly and that is alot coming from our 50,000. I am still going to drop an app. and see what they might have to say in an interview. I have two buddies that are also going to try, one of them is from Germantown and the other is from Southaven. He stated he is going to try to get out and go to Southaven and doesn't care about a paycut as long as he is gone. I still might call Tommy and see if he knows anymore. The G'town officer that you spoke to doesn't work EDU does he first name Robert? I thought about looking him up and talking to him.
            Later man


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              It's not Robert. So, you are saying they will only start you at 33,000? That doesn't sound comparable to me, however, it all depends on what we're looking for too.



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                Memphis Po Po,

                G'town has posted they are hiring now. You have to go pick up the app, they don't mail it and it is not on the web.

                I spoke with personnel today and was told they do hire laterals, but that laterals started out at the 6 month pay and still did a years probation. I do not know what the 6 month pay is, but, it is posted on their website.


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                  Thanks man, thats the 33000, but I am still going to try for it. My wife and me talked it over and we will be at the 49000 in just a couple of years so why not tighten the belt for a while and get out.

                  Thanks man.


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                    I hope things go well for you. It's not easy to decide to walk away from what you know into something new. But, the situation there is too dangerous for you guys.

                    I'm still crossing my fingers that Godwin leaves soon, Big Willie leaves, and common sense enters the picture. SMACK!!! Ok, sorry, I was hoping. LOL


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                      I got even better news than Gtown. Airport police are hiring, and that would be a dream job for me. I love airports and hospitals for some reason, I may have mental issues. I used to just go and walk the airport when I was a kid. I def want to findout more about that job. I downloaded their app and will send it in as soon as I get to work tonight. (might as well use company time). Where do you work now, are you with MPD or the RR. or did you used to be MPD and now work for railroad (UP). I used to work all the time with that guy when I was West delta 7 yrs ago. that ain't u is it. first name starts with a W? If so whatever happened to Gary from BNSF- dog EIKO? did he retire? He used to let me put on the dog sleeve and take bite. a


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                        Hi Memphis po po,

                        I went thru the airport process and dropped out at the last minute. The pat is EASY. If I can run their obstacle course ANYONE can. If you remember Billingsly, he works out there on the night shift. He left MPD about 5 years or so ago. He was pretty squared away. I think you may just like it out there. They have their own academy and firing range at the airport.

                        If you want to know more, pm me. Yes, now I am rr police.


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