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  • Nashville PD Academy

    Hello, I was wondering what to expect in the Academy? PT, testing, etc.?

    Has anyone heard or have been through yet?

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    does Nashville have their own academy or do recruits go thru donelson?


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      I think the highway patrol and other local PD's go thru Donelson, Metro has their own academy off Fesslers lane...


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        THP has their own academy. It happens to be located right behind the TN Law Enforcement Training Academy that most other officers go through.

        Metro Nashville PD has their own as well. From what I have heard, it's pretty stringent and PT will do a number on you, but it's not impossible. You should expect any LE academy to be tough on you physically. It may save your life on the street.

        They normally run 5 days a week and go home every afternoon. I'm sure a MNPD officer will chime in.
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          Nashville PD has their own academy and it is located in the Bordeaux area..
          right off trinity lane and I-65..
          I will be there testing tomorrow.
          the Academy sits on a hill..


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            The academy in Donelson is TLETA (Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy). Its for all the smaller agencies that dont have their own academy. Sgt Scott is correct, the THP academy is right behind TLETA on the Clover Bottom Property. Both of those academies are "Live-in". You get to go home on the weekend.

            Metro's Academy is off Tucker Rd and Buena Vista Pike in North Nashville. It sits up on top the hill there right next to the fire academy. It is not live in, you go home every night and have the weekends and holidays off. You go for 9 1/2 hours a day (1 hour lunch break and 30 min for roll call). The PT is pretty tough the first couple of weeks. They expect you to be in decent shape when you get there. Its their job to train you, not get you into shape. Typical PT involves ALOT of running and also plenty of other "full body" workouts. The academy is in fact on top of a big hill, and you will get to know the grounds extremely well. Theres also an air strip in the back that you will get to know personally. There tends to be alot of daytime PT sessions, especially if people cant seem to get things right. I dont want to spoil the surprise for anyone who might be going soon.

            Bottom line, do some running before you show up, pay attention in the classes and come with a positive attitude and be ready to HUSTLE! Its 6 months, so as the class figures things out, life gets a little less complex, but they will not hesitate to remind you where you are if people forget, up to and including graduation day.


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              Thanks for the heads up,


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