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TN POST Standards


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  • TN POST Standards

    Who can answer this question?

    TN POST does not require tn certified officers to retake a written or physical test until 6 years past resigning from a position.

    Why is it that places like Memphis, Millington, Nashville, etc., required POST certified officers to take written exams and PAT's, when from what I think I understand about POST, we are not required to?

    Any input would be appreciated. I'm not opposed to doing either, but, I don't understand the different standards.

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    Every municipality (county/campus/etc.) has its own hiring and human resources rules. Don't forget, in most cities the police department is just another city department along with the water department, trash collection, etc. Whatever human resources rules apply to the meter reader also apply to the police officer. While many cities have slightly different testing processes for police and fire personnel due to the unique aspects of those jobs, I don't know of anywhere that you're likely to find an application process that is waived for those with prior experience in any job field.

    Also, departments are going to want to conduct their own hiring tests regardless of where you've worked before. Will you have an advantage in a background investigation if you're already a sworn officer? Perhaps...but that department will still conduct its own investigation to be sure. Just because you're already POST certified doesn't mean that the new department wants to hire you.


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      For the same reasons stated those same departments will also require you to undergo some type of formal FTO program as well.
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        There are some exceptions out there. If you are already POST certified, the Oak Ridge Police Department will bypass you through the written and agility tests, and you go right to the Oral Boards. That's where the exception ends though, you still have to complete the rest of the process like all other applicants.


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          Thank you everyone. I understand what each of you are saying. The part of about being directed straight to the oral boards may be a rarity, maybe?

          Thanks for all of your input. Just trying to get a good understanding of the process as I'm strongly considering moving to another state where I don't have to do a full academy. I will if I have to, but, who would want to if there were other good solid options.


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            hello JSandi....been a while

            Well I,m glad to see that you have finally surfaced again....havent seen you in a goes the new department???


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              Badge its been a headache literally. The department that talked me into coming up here with a contingent offer of employment has since had budget troubles and paused hiring, something to do with a law suit.

              I'm a lateral candidate with most all departments and the big ones tend to hold special application windows for them.

              I'm currently in the pipeline with Metro and Vandy.

              TN POST would not even let me self certify, was told I couldn't even go to the full academy due to my GA POST cert.

              I've had two offers from smaller departments one full time and one part time but I'm gonna hold out for one of the bigger fish.
              "I neither approve or blame. I merely relate."- Voltaire


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                Anyone have study books or study information for the academy ? I am going to apply to a dept in a few months , i live in middle tenn so i believe the academy is in Donelson ?

                I like to study what i can beforehand to get an idea of what is expected , i have a problem with tests even though i know the material , for some reason all my life tests can do me in and the academy is not the place i want to screw up any kind of testing , hence getting in some reading time etc will go a long way for me .

                I also realize they change things but still some things never change and if i can get some of it down , it will make tests that much easier .

                Also anyone know the p.t. requirements ?


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                  Actually, a lot of Middle TN departments use the East TN Regional LE Academy (at Walters State Comm. College) nowadays. Which, sux for those in Middle TN. But I can help you with info on them


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                    That's not good

                    Hey JSandi...sorry to hear about the problems...Its a little late now considering that you moved up there for the job...Hope that things work out for you soon... Did I understand you right....Tennessee would not let you try and challenge their POST standards?? ...I wondered if there were any agencies in Tennessee that allowed the process to challenge the POST exam but until the other day I had not seen any (wrong side of the state)... Doesn't sound to positive...Maybe I should think hard about moving up that way...Let me know when things work out for you...Badge


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                      Good ole walter state, in the middle of nowhere greeneville,tn. I remember it like yesterday. Those long 17 hour days. As long as you can run 1 1/2 to 2 miles do daily circuit training your good on PT. The academics portion isn't that hard, just study if have difficulties with tests believe me there will be others there with same problem.
                      Where'd you learn that, Cheech? Drug school?


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                        Also , look at the post rules
                        it states what is required to challenge post test and get certification in TN. The main thing I have read in all the rules was you had to hired with department. If for some reason you can't get hired find a place to reserve at and have them sponsor you, known several people to do that.
                        Where'd you learn that, Cheech? Drug school?


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                          Here is what I've found out in the last 8 months talking directly with POST and various agencies here.

                          Since I am certified in a POST state (GA) I cannot attend the state academy in Donnelson, even if an agency sponsors me.

                          I cannot challenge the POST test on my own.

                          I need to have an agency hire me fulltime and they must submit all of my qualifications as well as a copy of the GA POST cirr. then TN will send me a study guide out and I then have between 30 and 45 days to just take the test.

                          I can attend a city academy such as Metro et al... but most cities hold lateral academies for candidates such as me and agencies like Metro even have special times when they will accept lateral applications, you cannot even fill out a standard app.

                          Now alot of agencies are hiring up here, hand over fist so don't not apply.

                          One of the first hurdles I ran into was that most agencies would not even let me apply unless I had a TN DL hence a TN resident.

                          But all seems well now, I'm in the pipe with two departments and I've got apps in with 3 others and I've had phone calls and emails from them so there is movement.

                          I feel strongly that within 1 to 2 months I'll be back in uniform again.
                          "I neither approve or blame. I merely relate."- Voltaire


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                            Badge5675 and JDCop

                            you guys are right. It is rare and done secretively at times. Millington has done it recently with an Arkansas officer.

                            The reserve idea is a good way, however, I thought you had to go through a full academy anyway, right?

                            Memphis has regional classes which used to last 10 weeks. Does anyone know if Nashville takes on laterals (TN) and if so, how long is their academy. I may have asked the last question before, so, please forgive me if I did.

                            Be safe!!


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                              JSandi ,

                              I saw where you are in or near Nashville , I know South of Nashville that
                              Spring Hill , Columbia and maybe Franklin are doing hiring of certified officers and may give you less of a hassle to get in .

                              Just a couple thoughts and , im betting you will be back in uniform soon ....

                              p.s. sorry i stepped in your thread , i should of posted seprately ..


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