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  • THP Chances?

    Someone care to delete this thread, I can't seem to figure out how.
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    Originally posted by isKall
    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself. My is William, I am 18 fixing to turn 19 in a few weeks. I am employed at my local Sheriff's Department as a Certified Dispatcher, and Certified Jailer. Our department is relatively small, so our dispatchers have to be certified jailers because they have to handle the inmates. Our new Sheriff has just retired from the THP, his name is James Storie, use to be on the Governer's Security Team.

    Anyways, I am wondering what are my chances of getting hired by the THP whenever I get 21? Our Sheriff ret. THP James Storie, THP Sgt. Edwin Crouch, THP Lt. David Alred, State Repsentive Les Winningham, all said they would help me when I got to the required age. I was just curious how much they could do for me? I have never had a speeding ticket, actually I have never even been pulled over even for a warning. I am in good shape, I run 2-4 miles a day usually 5-6 times a week, sometimes skipping days because I don't want to get burnt out.

    All in all I am just curious as to what my chances are of becoming a State Trooper whenever I get 21 years of age. Thanks for taking the time to read my thread, and thanks in advance to whomever replys. P.S.They all also have told me dispatching is the best place to start in law enforcement especially since I am only 18. Thanks again.

    William Russell
    I don't know about the trooper part, seems like you have a wealth of knowledge already at your disposal. My advice is for you to get a degree, at least associates while you have the time, take night classes if you have to.


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