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Murfreesboro, TN! Advice for someone trying to get in law enforcement!


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  • Murfreesboro, TN! Advice for someone trying to get in law enforcement!

    Hello everyone, this post is primarily for police officers that work in Murfreesboro, TN area. With that said, other officers who come across this can respond, if they please.
    Well, I am currently at 25 year old male that has lived in Murfreesboro since 1996. It's always been an aspiration of mine to become a law enforcement officer, especially here in Murfreesboro. I have applied 5 times with Murfreesboro and numerous times in other areas close to Murfreesboro with no prevailing luck. I'm becoming discouraged and anxious. With that said the second time I applied with MPD I made it down to the final 9 applicants during that hiring stage but didn't get it because of school I think. Also, I have a bachelor's of science degree from MTSU in Physical Education that I graduated with in December 2013. My record is spotless. I have never had any run ins with the law ever. So with all of that said, to my MPD officers what are some things I can do to improve my chances to be hired and what can I do to increase my chances of being hired once I passed the panel board, hypothetically speaking if I did receive a phone call for an interview. Also, I'm always open to other comments and suggestions from any other officers that see this post.
    Please help me out!


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    You have to consider the sheer amount of applications they get at Murfreesboro PD. I mean, they literally have thousands of candidates, all with bachelors degrees from MTSU applying every year. Even though the boro is growing, it is still very much a small town feel. I dont work for MPD but I know a couple, and I would venture to say that you may need to get an "in" at the department before they are willing to go out on a limb.

    Just a suggestion, but have you thought about starting out in, say, the jail there at Rutherford Co? There is no guarantee that will get you anywhere, BUT, it will get your foot in the door in Rutherford Co LE and perhaps you can make some connections. If you were to start in the jail and really do a good job, you may qualify to go to patrol for them. Also, there is the option of putting yourself through the academy. If you have the savings and can afford to take a couple months off, go up to walters state or cleveland state and get your training. I bet you, if you go into an interview with that under your belt, your going to raise eyebrows, because that will save the department a lot of money and it says something about your desire and potential for success.

    Like I said, I dont work for MPD, but I do work for Metro and were always hiring, and I mean A LOT. If your really interested in getting into law enforcement period, Metro isnt a bad place to start. Even if you dont like the large department feel and want to go back to MPD, you will definitely be a competitor for a spot with experience at Metro or any other department for that matter.


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      Eddie hit it on the head. Try for a larger department to get experience. Smaller departments are generally harder to get on to as they usually only have a few positions to fill. Larger departments are generally easier (than smaller anyway) to get on to as they have to fill 40, 50, 60+ positions at a time. He suggested Metro (I'm guessing Nashville, didn't read his whole post). You could always try Memphis too. Terrible choice long term as of right now due to benefit reductions etc but 3 years experience here and you can pretty much go anywhere in the country with the exposure you'll get from handling almost every call you can think of.


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