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MNPD Questions: Pay Raises, Shifts, Personal Life


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  • MNPD Questions: Pay Raises, Shifts, Personal Life

    Recently submitted my application and just have a few lingering questions. The other 79 page MNPD thread sure did a lot to help answer a bunch of what I was looking for.

    I read someone post relatively recently that pay raises were reinstated for MNPD. I was just wondering what the pay structure is for MNPD, more specifically:

    1) What is the max pay for a patrol officer (I have a bachelor's degree)?
    2) What are the pay raises like? After how many years do you hit the max? (I could probably reword these questions better but any information anyone can provide would be great).

    This next question would be great if it could be answered by current MNPD officers but what do you like and dislike about each shift? I know the very basic answers like no brass on the afternoon and night shifts but I was hoping to get a little more personal answers, if possible.

    Something else I was wondering is how does it affect your schedule if you work a non-A shift (the way most rookies would)? Is it weird being a bit nocturnal? Do you get used to it?

    If any of you are married, how does it affect your personal lives with your spouse?

    Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide. Much appreciated!

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    I'm not married, but I've continuously heard from those that are that the B detail shift (1430-2300) is pretty hard when you've got a spouse/kids. Especially if you have court. It's pretty much sleep and then the rest of your day is tied up. The C detail (which I've been working) isn't too rough when you get used to it. If you sleep after you get off (say between 8am-9am), then you can get 8 hours of sleep and still have several hours in the evening to be with family before they go to sleep/you go to work. I did this when I had a girlfriend.

    To be honest, I don't even know how the pay steps work. It seems to be a pretty ambiguous topic lately that no one has much information about. You could always call HR. Otherwise, maybe someone else will come through and post that has more information...


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      Thanks, Ignite! That makes sense, especially with the court time factored in.

      When you're hired, do you bid for which shift you want? How does that process work? I have no problem working the B or C shift (all assuming I am hired of course) but do no rookies or new officers EVER get the A shift? Between the B and C shifts, are you likely to receive the one you prefer to work?

      Thanks again for your input, in this and the other MNPD thread. Be safe.


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