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  • Another job seeker that's desperate!

    Hey everyone. My name is Chris and I just completed academy at Cleveland State in April. I live in Cleveland /Bradley county and I'm 30yo. I have 6 years of military as an aircraft mechanic and supervisor in the Air Force and I'm having a hard time finding a job! I hoped I was doing the right thing by using my GI bill to pay for my own academy but that doesn't seem to have been any help.

    I have applied at Athens pd, Bradley county SO (didn't pass the new god awful written test despite making a 4.0 GPA during academy so can't retest for one year!) Cleveland pd ( completed entire hiring process minus getting hired ) as well as trying to apply at signal mountain but being told that I can't apply until a posting comes up.

    I'm also currently working on associates ( should soon be done) and bachelors in criminal justice at Bethel University. I'm highly motivated and very well disciplined but nobody seems to want to give me a chance. I thought of applying at Redbank but I worry about the pt test. I finished all the academy pt and obstacle course but it took all I had. And I'm not a big guy (just 185 and about 5'10) just not a really strong person I guess. I just don't know what to do anymore. I have good references including a court officer in Cleveland a deputy at the Bradley county so and even the academy director seems glad to refer me.

    The only thing I have to redo at academy is evoc because I didn't do well enough backing all the way through that rediculous S curve at night.

    Does anyone have any advice? Any ideas on places close by to appy that's hiring? I want this so bad but I also have a wife and kid to provide for and my wife is only able to work two days a week and I'm currently not working due to not being able to find anything. I just hate to give up my dream! Please offer some advice!

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    First, you have to understand how the system works. This isn't like getting a job at the gas station or department store where if they like you get hired.

    Law enforcement traditionally has limited positions and tries to fill them with the best qualified candidates. Who is best qualified is usually determined by written and oral testing that measures your ability to actually perform the duties of the job you are seeking. The more correct answers you give to test questions, the higher your score. Applicants are then hired based on the order of their score (highest first, next highest second, etc.)

    If you score #30 on the list and they don't expect to hire more than 10 applicants over the life of that list, then it's not a matter of giving you a chance. Instead, the job is going to other more qualified candidates.

    It's that simple. In this case "giving someone a chance" means the job goes to the best qualified candidate. It's not how much lipstick you put on the pig to make it "look attractive.". It all depends on how well you demonstrate that you can do the job.
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      Plus, the other factor like L-1 kinda touched on is that your applying to small agencies that may only hire 10 people a year. If you apply small town politics to this as well, your figuring by the time they hire Jim Bob's cousin and Larry's nephew, its sometimes hard to break into those small agencies. If time is on your side, becoming a reserve officer at some of these departments will sometimes help out loads. I was reserving at a department for about 3 years and during that time I was asked several times if I would consider going full time. The only reason I didnt is because I moved to another state. I got a very intimate picture of the inner workings of the department and the people, so that helped alot. On a side note, I would have loved working there but I just chose to relocate back to my hometown.

      At any rate, if your not willing to move, that would be my recommendation, be a reserve officer/deputy. Also, some Sheriffs Depts have openings as correctional deputies before road deputy. Consider that because you will get into the agency and they can see that your a hard worker, then when they have openings on the road, your in a much better position - especially since youve already been through the academy.

      The sad part about you sponsoring yourself is that lots of people do that and arent cut out to be in law enforcement. That alone is not going to get you hired. Your going to need to prove yourself a little bit and get on someones radar, then you have a much better shot. If your willing to move to Nashville (and go through the academy) Metro Police are always hiring.


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        As a caveat to the correctional deputy route, dont be the guy who comes in day one talking about biding your time until you can get into patrol. Become a correctional deputy, do a great job and master that, then when the time is right, start putting out VERY LIGHT feelers that you would like to get into road work.

        Then when you get on the road and you have a year or more working the jail, when you stop a car with three dudes you know from D-Pod, you will have some inside knowledge about them and their behavior. (i.e. This guy is violent toward deputies, this guy does dope, this guy always talks about guns and has 5 gun tattooes ect ect). And when you go on that domestic violence call with the former trustee you used to baby sit, you will know all about the situation because he will have told you his life story on all those long van rides all over the county.

        It goes on and on just like that.


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          Call Shrek and ask him whats open. Apply to Hamilton county Jails or even Bradley county jail. Talk to Jones and see who to talk to at the Bradley Jail. Read anything and everything about what to say and how to think/formulate your answers during the interview so as to stand out. You will get this, it just takes time.


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            I would say the most important thing at this point is going back to the academy and completing evoc so you can get post certified. Once you have that certification, some doors should open for you.


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              You need to just apply everywhere around, don't just apply to two places. Apply apply apply apply.


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