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  • TBI Criminal Investigator 1

    Did anyone else out there apply for TBI Criminal Investigator 1 last week? I was notified yesterday that I was approved to take the exam. Has anyone already taken the exam, any pointers? It appears to just be a basic standardized test ACT/SAT type, mostly grammar and reading comprehension.

    Has anyone gone through the hiring process in the last few years? Would you care to share timelines, the process, etc? I am curious if it is a 60 day, 6 month or year long process.

    I am assuming there are actually openings. My testing noticed asked that it be completed before June 3rd to be considered for recent job postings. Testing after this date would be allowed up to 6 months.

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    Took the test a week ago today. Not really any pointers one can give, just be prepared to read a lot. The test itself was only 83 questions I think but i'd allow at least an hour and a half to do it in (of course you have all day.) The format is just as was stated in the job posting, to the T lol.

    I've talked to several people and from the general hiring stand point most are thinking this job "opening" is a way for the State to get a few people on file for hiring due to some up coming retirements. So there isn't set "job" that the people i've talked to know about.

    The actual process is stepped in that if/when you take the test, the scores will be sent the first week of June. If you pass, then our on to the next waiting game. If there is an actual job, and your in the top 5 of our judical district which the position is held then your supposed to get an interview, but then again, it's all about who you know from there on.

    That's about all i'm aware of up to this time. Just playing the ever popular waiting game now as usual. If you find out anything else/know an other details let me know. Good luck


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        Passed my test!

        However, I called the lady in HR about my Training & Ed scores. You get 73 points for a degree in CJA. I got ZERO points for 10 years experience, granted it wasn’t 10 years as an officer, but still????? Many of the qualities and tasks they were asking for are covered by my current job and long term employment should count for stability or something. Anyways, an 80 on the test and 73 TnE gets you an adjusted score of 78. According to her this wasn’t going to be competitive with over 2000 applicants already on the register that have also passed the exam. She said if I had a master’s degree, a law degree, or retook the test and scored real high in the 80's would be my best shot at getting an interview.......
        By the way infantry/military also gets you ZERO experience points only intel or crypto counts. The only regular job that would count would of course be as an investigator. I do have to admit I am a little shocked that no other experience counts. If you look at Federal jobs they welcome people from different disciplines. I would also think with the TBI investigating insurance fraud and some other white collar crimes that other experience would be needed.


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          If you turned that 2 year degree into a 4 year you would probaly get an interview. I think the 4 year is a requirement regardless of experience.


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            Originally posted by doubletap712 View Post
            I applied but got an e-mail yesterday saying I failed the education requirements.....I have a 2 year degree, 10 years road patrol experience, 7 years as a criminal investigator working major crimes and cold case, sexual predator unit coordinator....etc...and they will not let me proceed any further.....something majorly wrong with this picture!!....guess they want booksmart people, go figure!!, I'll never understand it!
            No way to get around a 4yr degree with this position, it sucks I know.


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              It was the same account with the Instructor position at TLETA. I have a master's degree and was invited to interview, but declined because the pay cut was going to be too much. They didn't take into account several applicants who had years of investigative experience and other things that would have contributed to the position. It stinks I know, but that's the way the state system is. I'm not sure why the education holds so much weight.
              I'm 10-8 like a shark in a sea of crime..


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                  I'm from IL and I was thinking about applying for the TBI Criminal Investigator job. Can you guys give me a little info on the job? Pay, duties, etc. The TBI website doesn't give too much info.



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                    Hey Sammybear, check out this link:


                    There's too much information to just list, but that link has the pay, duties, responsibilities, necessary qualifications, and information on the written test that must be taken.


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                      Pay starts at approx. $36,600. You are on probation for two years after which you make Investigator 2 and start that pay bracket. No overtime right now. If you are a field agent you are assigned a county or two or three depending on size within a judicial district. If you are assigned to the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit you work out of one of the district HQs. Field agents are on call all the time. They have drug investigators that are field agents and general investigators that are field agents. General investigators investigate pretty much everything. You get a take home car. Probably a Chevy Impala.


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                        I've been wondering if anyone has recieved a call from these guys yet for the interview, or if the job is being filled from the applicants anymore? (job is listed as closed) I'll post my scores so that others can compare and also for future reference. 85% on the written test and 73% on the T & E (training and experience?) They are weighted 70% for the former and 30% on the latter, giving a average of 81.4% most likely rounded down. My degree is in Computer Science from MTSU with a minor in Math and no relevant LE experience. This kind of surprised me since it's the same score as the guy with a Criminal Justice degree. On my letter (email):

                        You have six months from the date of this notice to take the examination. However, if you wish to have an opportunity to be considered for the vacant position(s) specified in the recent job posting for TBI SP AGENT-CRIMINAL INV 1*, you should take the examination no later than Friday, July 1, 2011
                        The date of July 1 is different than what the previous posters have listed (June 3). I'm guessing this could mean several things: There really is no "vacant" positions and they are just beefing up their roster for future retiree's (as dvpikes mentions) and that is is just an automated e-mail that auto increments the no later than day. It could also be that they did not recieve enough applications (doubtful) or did not meet the minimum 5 qualified people who attended an interview.

                        Since I'm already taking the time to post this, I thought I would encourage everyone who seem anxious this and other jobs in the state. Remember God's word: that if God opens a door for you, no one can close it; and if He closes a door, no one can open it. (Rev 3:7-13) If it seems like no matter where you turn all you see are closed doors, be encouraged; God may have something better in store for you that you can't see yet.


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                          I was wondering the same thing (whether people have been called for interviews). I was told to test by June 3rd. My scores were 86% on written test and 82% on T&E. My adjusted score is 85. I have a bachelor's in psychology and a law degree. I recently graduated law school so I have no work experience or law enforcement experience. I was wondering if anyone knew how many people they are hiring or if there really are any vacant positions??


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                            There are no vacant positions to my knowledge. There may be one or two retirements this year. They just graduated a large group of agents from the TBI Academy a couple months ago.

                            @alphard. 85 may get you an interview, anything below that is doubtful.


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