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    Let me tell ya if sitting and waiting gets under your skin dont waste your time. If you look just for a paycheck with outstanding benefits then apply. We have better benefits than most police dept and state gives their officers or troopers. Again if sitting and waiting bothers you dont waste your time. If you have a question PM me or alert me and I will do my best to help ya out. Its a longgggg process.

    Dare you have anything to add?

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    where would you be working at watts bar? and if you already have a doe security clearence would that help any


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      Originally posted by tadkins00 View Post
      where would you be working at watts bar? and if you already have a doe security clearence would that help any
      Sure the clearence will help you, because the background check goes pretty deep. Because of safe guards I cant really say where you be working inside the area.


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        I can answer things related to benefits and mostly whatever else, Bama will have to handle questions related to Nuc Sec. I'm on the Police side of it so not sure of Nuc stuff.

        Just shoot me a PM, if needed.


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          They are hiring for Spring City, TN and Decatur, AL.

          PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES:In a training capacity:
          1.Implement Nuclear Security Officers duties to ensure security activities are accomplished in accordance with the Physical Security Plan (PSP) and corresponding security policies, procedures and instructions along with other regulatory commitments to ensure regulatory compliance.
          2.Control access to restricted areas by ensuring that all persons and vehicles entering protected area are properly badged, logged, searched, cleared for entry and exit, and escorted if required.
          3.Protect against radiological sabotage, internal and external threats and theft of nuclear materials.
          4.Respond to nuclear emergency situations within strict time limits, searching area in accordance with established procedures and ensuring area is secured and cleared before leaving site.
          5.Investigate and prepare detailed reports on complaints, offenses and accidents.
          6.Develop and maintain complete and accurate documents and records.
          7.Provide input to the development of security related training, procedures, and other written instruction/guidance documents.
          8.Meet the General Employment Suitability and Qualification Standards of 10CFR, Appendix B and TVA's site security Training and Qualification Plan.
          9.Complete and maintain certification as an Armed Responder.
          10.Perform Tactical Response Drills and Force on Force exercises as an Armed Responder player and controller, evaluate individual and team performance and participate in developing corrective actions.
          11.Perform safety observations and walk-downs, participate in safety committee meetings, and observe work practices/performance. Provide appropriate coaching of observations.

          MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:Education. - High School degree or equivalent. Essential Qualifications: Pass a special rigorous physical examination as a requirement for employment as a Nuclear Security Officer and pass an annual physical test; satisfactorily complete basic and in-service training requirements; meet established firearms qualification requirements; must have no felony conviction(s) or background record, which would preclude his/her receiving and maintaining security clearance for nuclear access.
          Experience. - Training and/or previous experience in law enforcement is desirable, particularly in a nuclear security environment.
          Certification/License, etc -
          Knowledge/Skills/Abilities - Knowledge of security regulations and procedures governing access control and emergency responses; knowledge of TVA programs and objectives and factual information about the assigned nuclear plant. Ability to apply established procedures, exercise good judgment, make decisions and act upon own initiative in emergency situations; ability to meet the public and to deal with people in a tactful, courteous and effective manner; ability to provide information without becoming involved in argumentative discussions or controversial subjects; ability to observe and remember details and to understand oral and written instructions; ability to write legibly and to speak clearly and coherently.

          PM me for the complete payscale or Bama may have it, I would have to look it up.


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            Training salary is low 23,500 but you get a jump after training to 27,800 ( something like that). Rumor is after 3 years you will top out. I just started so I cant say yes that true. I know the Union working to get us all a raise. Things are tight starting out but after training there a lot of OT. They trying to cut that out by hiring more people but people cant stand sitting and waiting.


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              Yeah Dare helped me to understand the TVA way. Even before I step foot in Chatt, Tenn. .. I must tell ya that if you apply understand there contractors out there that seems to get the upper hand, BUT with that said I was not a contractor and I was hire. If you have anytime of exps in this line of work then apply. Not too offened our fine jailers I dont know if that counts or not.

              Apply and see what happens is all I can tell ya. Its a long process and a deep process so if you have question I dont mind answering them. I'm still learning so understand that to.


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                Starting pay $23,505 and top out being $43,200.

                Dont bank on OT... TVA will rip that from you in a second. Short handed or not!!!


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