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Tbi uniformed officer


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  • Tbi uniformed officer

    Saw a posting for this position on, any info on this would be greatly appreciated?

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    Saw this too. Didn't realize they had a uniformed division. I can't seem to find anything on them other than the short description on the official website.


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      I've seen them patrol the TBI facility and also transport TBI officials in marked vehicles. I believe they go through the state academy and are commissioned. They may also possibly participate in some field operations. It probably wouldn't hurt to go the TBI HQ off of R.S. Gass Blvd in Nashville and ask. Last I recalled one stays posted at the entrance to the bldg.
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        They are pretty much security guards for the TBI property. Don't waste your time unless you have a bachelor's degree and/or a master's degree.

        I have almost 7 years experience and interviewed 4 times. Finally, they just told me I wasn't good enough because I didn't have a bachelor's degree. I have an associates and over 100 hours towards a bachelor's but it wasn't good enough.

        Not mad about it, I respected the fact that they came out and told me this. Since I've been laid off I've been interviewed a dozen times and everybody else just sugar coats it. I definitely respected the upfront approach.
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          Thanks alot, I figured it was more of a security position. Thank you Chevy for your honest input.


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            SUMMARY: Under general supervision, is responsible for security work of considerable difficulty; and performs related work as required.

            DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: An employee in this class is a commissioned law enforcement officer and provides security for all TBI facilities statewide. Duties include maintaining building security, checking all visitors, providing entrance security, investigating security violations of TBI property, apprehending and arresting suspects, and assisting TBI Special Agents.

            Examples of Duties and Responsibilities:
            1. Performs security duties for the TBI headquarters and building and grounds and, as necessary, all TBI facilities statewide; maintains surveillance of building and grounds to spot incidences of breaking and entering, theft, and other criminal activities/security violations.

            2. Checks in all visitors at TBI Headquarters and reviews identification and purpose of visit; logs visitors in and out of building and monitors their movement within the facility and on the grounds.

            3. Provides security at the entrance gate of the TBI perimeter by identifying and checking in TBI personnel and visitors entering and leaving the facility.

            4. Assist TBI Special Agents with raids and roundups of criminals resulting from a variety of criminal investigations such as drug violations, gambling violations, public corruption, fugitive apprehension, and Medicaid fraud violations; provides back-up assistance to TBI Special Agents in the field when local police are not available.

            5. Apprehends and arrests suspects when necessary; detains suspects until other state or local law enforcement officers arrive.

            6. Performs investigations for security violations on TBI property.

            7. Provides security for TBI civilian staff, government officials, and visitors, as needed.

            8. Transports TBI staff to and from the Nashville International Airport; transports evidence between TBI facilities; transports prisoners.

            9. Prepares and maintains a variety of records and reports such as sign-in logs, incident reports, and investigative reports.

            10. Testifies in court involving security violations, theft of property, and other criminal activities occurring on TBI property that result in an arrest.

            Minimum Qualifications:
            Education and Experience: Education equivalent to graduation from a standard high school and experience equivalent to two years of law enforcement or police work, or in providing protection and security for individuals, buildings, grounds, offices, or related security areas.

            Substitution of Education for Experience: Qualifying coursework in police science or a criminal justice field from an accredited college, university, or technical institute may be substituted for the required experience on a year-for-year basis to a maximum of two years. (Forty-five quarter hours, including at least nine quarter hours of criminal justice coursework, is required for a one year substitution. Ninety quarter hours, including at least fifteen quarter hours of criminal justice coursework, is required for a two year substitution.)

            Necessary Special Qualifications/Examination Method:
            Necessary Special Qualifications: Applicants for this class must:

            (1.) be willing to and able to qualify with, carry, and use assigned weapons

            (2.) be at least twenty-one (21) years of age on the date of application.

            (3.) be a citizen of the United States.

            (4.) have a good moral character, as determined by investigation.

            (5.) complete a criminal history disclosure form in a manner approved by the appointing authority.

            (6.) agree to release all records involving their criminal history to the appointing authority.

            (7.) supply a fingerprint sample in a manner prescribed by the TBI for a fingerprint based criminal history records check.

            (8.) have no conviction for a felony or have been discharged under any other than honorable conditions from any branch of the United States armed forces.

            (9.) pass a physical examination administered by a licensed physician that is consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act and that relates to the essential functions of the position.

            (10.) pass a psychological evaluation administered by a licensed mental health professional that is consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act and that relates to the essential functions of the position.

            (11.) submit to and pass a pre-employment screening test for use of illegal drugs.

            (12.) have visual acuity of 20/100 in each eye, separately without glasses, and each eye corrected to 20/30 or better with corrective lenses.

            (13.) possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license at the time of appointment in some positions.

            (14.) upon appointment, successfully complete a prescribed course of instruction at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Academy or have successfully completed the equivalent of the prescribed course.

            Note: A transcript is required for a proper evaluation for this class.

            EXAMINATION METHOD: Education and experience rating, 100%.


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