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  • Lavergne Reserve police

    Anyone on here know much about the application process for lavegne reserve police. It's the closest police dept. to where I live. I was wondering how long is the process of getting on, and maybe when they usually run their classes. Also in what capacity do they use their reserves. THANKS
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    They only "hire" them at certain times, and it is posted in the employment section when there are open slots. The process is pretty much the same as being full time, maybe a bit abbreviated. If i remember correct, you are usually paired with a full timer when you work and they usually require you to work parades, special events, etc. I believe it is a 60 hr academy that meets wed nights and sat. mornings. That is all the info i can remember.


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      I am currently in the reserve training program with LaVergne now. We started August 29th and will be finished Dec. 5th. We train every Saturday. Im not sure when they will do another class. This class was scheduled for last year and they are just starting it. We started out with 17 and now we are down to 12. After the fto program you will pretty much do the same thing as a full timer.


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