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    Does any one know amything about the hiring process at Sumner Co. SO? I have my resume on the sheriff's desk at this time. I am a Chief of a small town in KY and am looking for a change. Also, does any one know the website for a fish and wildlife conservation officer of TN? Thanks in advance.
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    theres the website...here is a list of the qualifications...

    Be a college graduate with a degree in wildlife or
    fish management OR in the biological sciences,
    agricultural sciences, forestry, zoology or a
    closely related field with at least 20 semester
    hours of wildlife or fisheries related courses.
    • Be a competent motor vehicle driver and possess a
    valid vehicle Operator’s License, or be able to
    obtain a valid Tennessee Operator’s License by
    date of employment.
    • Pass a physical examination, to include drug
    screening, by a licensed physician contracted by
    the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.
    • Meet minimum physical qualifications of visual
    acuity of 20/40 in each eye, separately without
    glasses and each eye corrected to 20/30 or better
    with corrective lenses.
    • Be 21 years of age on the closing date for applications.
    • Be able to lift a small boat, launch a medium-sized
    boat, lift an outboard motor, and remove deer
    killed by automobiles on Tennessee highways.
    • Be able to work out-of-doors in extremely hot or
    cold weather.
    • Pass a written Civil Service examination which
    consists of the following areas: Agricultural and
    Forestry Resources; Wildlife Management;
    Hunting and Boating Safety; Map and Chart
    Reading; Investigative Reporting; Reading
    Comprehension; and Interpersonal Communications.
    Wildlife Officers are hired from the “top
    five” applicants on the Civil Service Registers.
    • Successfully compete in an oral interview board
    selection procedure.


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        Originally posted by stand_by_one View Post
        I spent a year and a half with them but never got out of the jail. I was number 5 to go to patrol and never got an interview, which goes against their "civil service" rules. College, work experience and general qualification doesn't mean very much. It's all about who you know, who you're married to, or who you campaigned for. But that's how it is with most sheriff's offices. Everyone I knew on patrol was very happy but most of them never EARNED their spot.
        Hmm, maybe going around saying how people don't earn their spots is why you aren't being hired anywhere? Why do you earn a spot over someone else? Yes politics does play parts into hiring processes, but just because a person doesn't rank as high as you do doesn't mean they don't earn their spot. I was 15th on a roster, and was hired before other people. Did I politic my way in? No. A chief or sheriff can pick who they want, regardless of rank on a hiring roster; all that roster is is a list of people to choose from. Nothing more.


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