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Guns on Water in TN


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  • Guns on Water in TN

    I guess this is the place to ask this since it is a state law question.
    If you have a handgun carry permit, can you carry while on a boat (on either a lake or river)? Taking the question further, if you have a armed guard license (and are working/on-duty), can you carry while on a boat?

    My question comes after a conversation with a local security guard talking about patrolling/working different marinas on the same lake. Instead of taking the land route he wants to go between them by crossing the lake. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal for anyone (local, state, and fed LE excluded) to possess a weapon on the water but I can’t find the applicable TCA (I think because its more of a corp thing).

    Anyone help me out?


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    If it is TWRA waterway or lake, I am sure that it would be illegal. I would check with one of those guys. They are the gurus when it comes to water enforcement.


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      lol that sounds like security express ran by good 'ole state rep ben west... he's got all sorts of people running around the percy priest area wanting to play swat team out there


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        well, it is percy priest. I guess its shared between corp and TWRA. Not really someone affiliated with that group though. I'll have to pull out my address book and see who I have with TWRA. I'm not sure I know too many in it anymore. I was hoping I might catch one of them on here.


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          i worked for ben west in college and i remember the elm hill marina people were supposed to be UNARMED...... and i also met a guy that was twra police and we had a discussion about it and the way i understood, there was no reason for any of them to ever be armed. the way the security laws are written, ANYONE can contract armed security but very few people do as far as public entitites. about as close as you'll see public places contracting armed security is wackenhut at the courthouse. if they want armed security, they usually go in-house. for example, the metro police property guards that work at CJC and the tow lot... just out of general logic though, i can't take a gun into a park so i'm about 113 % sure you can't get in the government water with one either it'll be interesting to hear the final say on this though


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            I have personally spoken with TWRA Officers on the priest. Percy Priest is actually Federal no firearms are allowed. But They know off duty LE are going to carry and didn't mind it.
            Where'd you learn that, Cheech? Drug school?


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              Thanks for the reply JDCOP. I figured LE officers were fine (especially if they're from metro). It’s kind of backup for them. Heck, most of the guys that I know on TWRA have either transferred or retired from metro.

              Did an (on duty) security guard license come up? You're information of Federal property pretty much answers everything for me. I’m pretty sure its the same as the carry permit, totally illegal. I think the only way that would legally work was if the guard company was contracted by one of the managing agencies. Instead of calling, I was waiting to try to run across one of them out on the water. I’ll be launching off the corp ramp Friday so maybe I can officially answer my own thread.
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