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    Hey Im a correctional officer for Davison county and curently going to school at DWU, Ive been applieng for a job with Sioux Falls Pd and I guess Im still in the running?? Its been 5 weeks and 3 days since my oral and i havent heard back yet?? I thouhgt i made it far from like 1000(written) to 345 (BPAD screening) now at the oral I took it was 140 or close to it. Anyways just wondering where other SD officers work and If anyone could answer my questions about SFPD.

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    I wouldn't worry about it too much. I know two guys that are at the same point you are and no one has heard anything yet.
    My guess is that if you are hired, then you will probably be going to the academy pretty much right away. You can check DCI's website for a list of upcoming academy dates. If you make it through the academy, then you have a pretty long classroom FTO program before you hit the streets with another FTO. You can pretty much count on going call to call just on regular patrol for about five years. You will be very limited in the amount of traffic (vehicle stops) you do during this time. For the most part you are too busy taking calls to worry about it anyway.There are guys from the traffic division on every shift who do nothing but traffic/accidents etc.
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      Well I heard back the other day from SFPD and I made it far but i didnt make it past this part of the testing so frome like 1000 to 100 something. They didnt state why and the note was really short but I guess I feel good for making it that far im going to put in with HP and also maybe pennington county. But for now Im gona cocentrate on school and my job as a CO, If you know of anygood departments that are hireing around us let me know I really thought about the cities but i read you need pay for your own academy or have at least one year with another department so............ Maybe nebraska or Iowa if i cant find anything here.


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