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  • Out of state transfer

    Does anyone know if SC accepts out of state transfers? I am certified in GA and may have to move to SC. Want to keep involved through a reserve program but dont want to have to go through the entire academy again if I can avoid it. Any info would be great. Thanks!!

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    I'm not LEO, but I am applying for to be one in SC, and in my research, I found that out of state transfers only have to go through a 3 week legal course at the academy. I'm not sure how that would apply for reserve programs though.


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      Thanks for the response. Hopefully there is a night version. Doing some additional research and will let everyone know what I find. Good luck in the academy when you get there


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        Glad to help. Hope things work out for you if you have to move to SC. And I appreciate the thoughts - I'm very eager to get hired and go to the academy.


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          You stay at the Academy for the 3 week. Not to worry though, you will already have a job if you are there. All spots in the Academy are sponsored by your hiring agency.
          State Trooper, South Carolina Highway Patrol and proud of it buddy.


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            I just want to add that you may not have to attend the academy either. You may challenge the state test and depending on which agency you go to, they may providing training to pass.

            However, only the SCCJA can say if that's going to be allowed or not, not a particular agency. If you just want to be a reserve officer, the requirements are different as far as training. Check with the local agency you want to work for, for more information on that.

            Additionally just be certified in another state doesn't cut it either, you need to be working as a law enforcement officer. Some states are different than others and allow for a certification while not actually employed or commissioned by a law enforcement agency.

            Lastly, transferring from one state to another is not always ideal when people plan on just challenging the state test. You have the laws and procedures for one state down but the new state is a whole new animal. It's not impossible by any means but it can be difficult. So keep that in mind when processing and what's best for your career in the long run. Are you always going to be behind your peers, trying to convert the laws from one state to another or are you going to be up to snuff on the laws and their applications?
            Thank you and good luck,

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