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Rhode Island Has made Public Employees target #1


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  • Rhode Island Has made Public Employees target #1

    I am very disgusted at the level of targeting of public employees in RI. The governor and certain members of the RI Assembly/Senate have made public employees target #1 through a manipulation of public perception about unions.
    They certainly don't mind lining their own pockets with taxpayer money but want to cut, cut and cut benefits packages.
    When will it END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Gov. Carcieri is a hypocrit. He's going after unions and pensions, yet he already benifits from a six figure pension. It will end when RI voters put the right people in office.


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      Has RI EVER put the right people in position??? NO!


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        pensions (mainly teacher pensions) are raping the taxpayer and something needs to be done..people have to start becoming more accountable for their own future than relying on the state to take care of them when they get older..its called savings and IRA funds

        now with that said i do agreee that Carcieri should cut his own pension and his administrations pensions if he wants to cut everyone elses.. State reps and senators should also pay for their own healthcare since being a rep or a senator is a part time job in RI

        EVERYONE is going to have to give a little for us to fix this budget problem which effects everyone which means CUTTING state spending, lowering the business tax (will create more jobs), raising income tax a small % and stopping welfare fraud that is happening...

        MDA > putting the right people in office is prolly never going to happen

        the right people are ones that can't do the job because they have to work full time and can't afford to take Jan through june off from work. They are also the people that can't afford to campain because they don't have the thousands or millions of dollars to spend on ads

        just my 2 cents


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          self employed

          Sword, I would have no problem if when I became a cop they said this is what come with it!! 30 yr pension but 1/2 way through the game they want to change the rules!! No way!
          I am college educated and chose this profession with a pension being one of the benefits.
          If i worked at McDonalds, no problem!!


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            TGD i agree with your point and i don't have a problem with police pensions unfortunately they fall into the same pension plan as teachers..

            In my town alone in the last 10 years we have gone with 3 different principles of the HS alone because once they hit the 3 year mark they retire because its those 3 years their pension is based off of... So thats 3 people with around 100k pensions a year ..thats 300k a year ALONE never mind middle school and elementary principles that the taxpayer has to foot each year for the next 25 years...does anyone else see a problem with this?

            I know i sound like i dislike teachers but the fact is that i dislike bad teachers and reading about RI test scores some or most of them are not doing their job yet they complain about their pensions all the time..If you are good teacher you deserve your benefits

            Maybe its the fact that i am young and don't think its right that i am going to have pay my whole life for the older generations mistakes and benefits when i am not going to get the same benefits myself (social security, lifetime health care, huge pensions)

            i hope i am not coming off being selfish but i don't like getting sc###d either..The country and state can't afford to keep passing the buck to the younger generations to pay the tab..the tab is just getting too big!
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