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    Hello -

    I will be moving to Rhode Island next year and I'll be looking for a full-time position with a department near Providence. I've had a hard time finding any information on the RIMPA (at first couldn't even figure out if there was an academy, aside from the RISP) but I finally found their website at http://www.rimpa.ri.gov/

    That site has fairly vague information, and the contact page is not functioning. I have a few questions that maybe someone could shed some light on:

    Are people generally required to attend the RIMPA prior to applying for a position, meaning that they don't receive sponsorship from a department to attend, or would I apply first?

    Does the RIMPA have a tuition, and (relating to the first question) would my sponsoring organization pay that for me?

    How often are courses offered?

    How long are the courses? Somewhere I thought I read that they were only 10 weeks and that seemed short for an academy training full-time officers.

    If I'm required to attend on my own, that is without already having a position with a department, how would I go about applying for a spot in an upcoming class?

    Thanks for your time.

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    You won't find anything about individual departments on the police academy website. I am a PO in Mass and am looking to get into a nearby RI Dept myself.

    If I were you, check the local newspaper (The Providence Journal, www.projo.com) and under the "jobs" section, type, POLICE. It will return a list of departments who are hiring. You're in luck, because this is popular hiring season for many departments around here. East Providence PD is hiring...they are a busy, small city just over the bridge from Providence. Providence PD is also accepting prelim applications, www.providencepolice.com. they should be testing shortly again as well, but their process is long and "secret."

    From my experience in MA and RI depts, you generally don't pay your own tuition for the academy, although my Dept is backwards and I had to...it will be reimbursed to me after 3 years of employment...almost there...

    Individual officers from different depts would know more about that. good luck and stay safe


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      Thank you very much!


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        RIMPTA requires sponsership.

        3 Classes/year begining in Aug/Dec/Mar.

        16 weeks long.

        Sponsering depts pay for the training. Most of the instructors are volunteers. (I went through last Mar)

        I heard a rumor that because of state budget cuts that there will not be a Mar academy this year. Is that crazy or what?


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          I am a PO and FTO in RI. There is going to be a March academy. They were unsure originally, but it has been decided!!


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            March 2008 Academy

            Can you tell me what date this starts. I believe I will be in attendance. Job offer pending physical from Doc.


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              I believe the Staring date is March 26, 2008


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