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  • General Rhode Island All Departments Discussion

    General Discussions from all New England officers appreciated. Start talking......

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    You looking to talk about something in particular?


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      everything and anything

      Just thought I would get the officer's from Rhode Island going. We are between and betwixt the I-95 drug corridor, and gang activity is up, their must be something interesting to talk about here. However, we can start with anything from duty gear, to trianing offered at various acadamy's. But, if nobody starts the discussion: It reminds me of the two English men stranded on an island. They died without ever talking to each other, because they were never properly introduced. Here is an item of discussion. Where do you find the best place is for purchasing duty gear in RI, and why? I tried to call Quick Arms supply, only to find their phone out of service. Are they still open? Have not had the time to take a drive by. How about interesting stories from places you or others patrol in the state. I know for a fact RI is got to be the edge of the twilight zone. And, their has to be some funny stories out their. Like awnsering a suspicious noise call, only to find out it was "local wildlife" etc. What do you all make of the increase in gang activity, and do you think ICE is doing a good job integrating all it's new priorities? Like the recent clean sweep? Please add any interesting, amusing, informative, and general RI related law enforcement tips specific to the state, in future quotes. Look forward to hearing from everyone, and spread the news about this site, and of course the RI link to click on. Let's show the other state's how we measure up!! Stay Safe!


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        I have not been by Quick Arms yet either but a coworker just recently told me that they are closed down. I'm not sure if they went out of business or if the moved. Leaders has a few things as far as equipment goes but other than that im not sure.

        Are you an officer in Rhode Island? I'm asking out of curiosity not because I don't want to talk or anything like that. There are three academies in this state, Providence, state, and municipal. Cranston runs their own mini academy but it is only for their department and you still have to attend the municipal. it is pretty much just part of their hiring process. If you are an officer here you already knew that but figured I would throw it out there anyway. The municipal is the only one I have gone through. Had mixed feelings on it. I didnt find it to difficult. I found all the instructors to be very personable and seemed to really be interestd in teaching you and treated you like one of their peers, even the ones who had rank.

        So what do you think about this carpio guy? I hope he fries for what he did. I think it is just bull how everyone is now screaming he has mental problems. Also the whole thing with the police brutalzing him. The guy jumped from a thrid story window and nobody thinks he would receive injuries from that? Also a guy who grabs a cops gun, kills the cop, shoots out a window and jumps three stories, in my opinion anyway, doesnt seem like the type who isnt going to fight when caught. I was surprised through that the NAACP and Urban League didnt complain about the FBI investigation results.

        Anyway, I have to go right now, will stop by again.


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          About time someone started talking about this state. Let's hear some funny or interesting. Let alone important stories people...


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            I got stories for days...
            Don't really care to share...you probabley would think I am full of ****

            What I have right now is a question

            Stated to me by a R.I.S.P TROOPER. He told me that the R.I STATE POLICE win the best dressed trooper award,almost every year{previously unaware off such an award}and thought he was bull****ing me,but he remained serious.
            Since we had develped a bit of a repore I said "no ****",but have always wondered.Is there such an award? I think he was screwin' with me...
            The conversation all started because I made fun of his pants,remarking that they made him look like a horse jockey.


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              As a matter of fact, he was being 100% serious. Not only is their a competition. But, RI troopers win it constantly. Although I dislike the look, myself. Compared to other state e' uniforms they win hands down. Even people who have been pulled over admit, that they felt, the person they were talking to had an air of professionality about them. Not only because they are professionals, but the uniform played a big part in their responses. It's listed every year, (the results of the competition, I think it's in the grand lodge FOP news letter). But, like I said, they do look like horse jockey pants, which I think is exactly, where the tradition started. They looked back to the days of horses, no s...t. Their uniforms have not changed at all. They are the most original, if nothing else. Well, have a good one, you need one, if your a big dig vet. Is it still leaking? Should I not drive through on the way to duty? Remember at first they would only allow, law enforcement, etc to drive through the tunnel? That was a nice short cut. Now?...


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                Years ago David Letterman did something on his show about the competition. RI won that year and had one of the troopers on the show in uniform. I forget who he was but I think it was one of the majors right now. He wore the long leather coat with it that he said he got from Col Stone


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                  I could not agree with you more sir,of the two dozen R.I. Troopers I have had the privilege of meeting/working with I can assure you that they are
                  complete professionals,as you know they do undergo a Para-military type academy.

                  It's funny you say that the horse jockey look is what they were going for,because he did say it was in keeping with tradition.

                  The big dig vet thing,I did that as kind of a gag.
                  Saw some people were a vet of this and that so I related in my own way.
                  Veteran of the storrow drive connector,which is considered part of the big big somehow,as for driving threw it? Take your chances,all I can tell you is I don't go that way,never have becuase it always sucked.I utilized alternative routes before the dig and have stayed with them, although they say it is safe.


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                    Federal Hill

                    Your in RI? I am from Warwick. Good to here from the people "up the hill" Best damn people in the state! Glad too hear from you also. I know alot of Prov PD people. They have done a great job re-doing the Providence RI area. It's amazing. Lot of history up the hill. Good to hear from you guy. Say hi to all the Prov. PD you can especially on the S.I.B. section. Good luck have a good week.


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                      Federal Hill

                      Hey Gumba's when does the Soprano's new season start. Cant wait. Good luck too you all. Past, present, and future law enforcement. The only thing we need to do in this state is to enforce the speeding laws. Of course everyone would be in jial then. I heard a comment on another police forum, about everyones driving finger, nearly ****ed myself. You guess are too much.


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