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RI State trooper questions


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  • RI State trooper questions

    i have posted not to long ago that i was considering joining the air force as a sf well my wife was not to fond of that and agreed that i should go into LE. So the main question for me is when will RI state higher again and is that another tough one.

    It will most likely be tough for me i am only 18 on march 24 and i am in the process of getting a GED o and i live in Oklahoma so unlikely, but wouldn't hurt to try right?

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    Wow, your 18 and have a wife?!?!

    Getting into LE can be tough. Getting into LE in RI can be even tougher (in demand career and lots of competition). Most all the departments in RI (I'm almost positive SP included) require you to be 21 to be hired and even at that most 21 year olds are still considered a bit young. I believe they just recently graduated an academy, so it may be a couple years before they have another hiring process. When they do hire, several thousand applicants are whittled down through the multiple phases of the application process. Written exam, physical agility test, interview, background investigation, etc. Then you may be one of the 20 or 30 (guesstimation) to attend the 6mo. academy (very challenging).

    It certainly wouldn't be easy, but not impossible. Either way, LE is a great career, wherever. Just be patient, find out how to prepare yourself and be competitive, and keep trying. It may not go on a resume, but departments will see persistance and they like that, it shows your dedicated to your goal.

    In the meantime, don't hold out for the job, make sure you have an income for right now (wives like that).


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      I checked out the website. Looks like they are recruiting. I can't imagine they are looking for many at this time though.


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        There not really recruiting as of yet they just graduated a class 6months ago of 37. believe they still may be on break in. RI is one of the toughest places to get on and RISP is no joke. think you can be 19 in RI.


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          it says on the website only 18 but thank you for your replies and yes i got married 10 days before my 17 b day thanks all of you. we just had our 1 year anniversary a week or or so ago.


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            RI is one of the toughest places to get on
            I have heard that several times before. Why is that the case?
            We ride for those who died!

            RIP SgtCHP!


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              Its an extremely prestigious and small department for state police, with a very tough academy and in one of the most densely populated areas. Its like winning the lottery to get a police job in the ma/ri/ct area regardless. when you include the fact you have thousands of applicants testing for 37-40slots? odds aren't in your favor.


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