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    During academy training are cadets issued running shoes? In Air Force bootcamp, back in the day when I went, they issued us AWFUL shoes and I remember wishing I was allowed to bring my own. I was just wondering how PSP handles their clothing issue during the academy. I'm getting ready to buy some new running shoes, if there's color/brand restrictions in the academy and we're responsible to bring our own shoes, I'd appreciate a heads up! Thanks!
    Last edited by Blue Moma; 10-24-2019, 12:39 PM. Reason: I edited because my typo upset Ed.

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    Cycle 6013 thread is here - https://forum.officer.com/forum/loca...ice-cycle-6013

    Re-post your question in the thread above after you clean up a few grammatical errors.


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      The question is not specific to cycle 6013, only to Pennsylvania. The link you provided is for PA state police cadets, not the grammar police, correct?

      And have you been to the academy? I would appreciate a response that addresses the topic.
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        I just noticed that you are not an officer nor do you work for law enforcement, Ed. The question I'm asking couldn't be answered by my fellow applicants; therefore it seemed illogical to post my question in a thread of people who couldn't answer it, such as yourself.

        I sincerely apologise for my western PA slang and typo. If you do become an officer someday I don't recommend addressing people's grammar and ignoring their concerns. Just a hunch, but that attitude might not go over well on the street.


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          No running shoes are issued for the psp academy. Once selected as a candidate, they send out a list of items needed for the academy. If it has remained the same, the only requirement is a mostly black pair of running shoes


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