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Out-Of-State (IL) taking ACT 120?


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  • Out-Of-State (IL) taking ACT 120?

    I'm full-time certified for the State of Illinois. I have family in PA and have been thinking of doing a lateral transfer to a township in Bucks, Montgomery or a nearby county/township.
    I went on to the MPOETC and TACS to start the application process. Can anyone give me guidance as to what to do next. Haven't finished the application but am I going in the right direction? I downloaded the study guides.

    If i take the certification and pass do I still need to go through another academy?
    Spoke with a few officers in Bucks County and related that I can challenge the state exam and may only need to take like a 2 week refresher at one of the academies to learn the vehicle code.

    Any advice and guidance will help.


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    Not sure what extra/equivalent courses you would need, but I can tell you with almost certainty that you wouldn't need to do another academy unless you went with the PA State Police. Like you said, probably just a few classes on PA criminal law, procedure, and vehicle code.

    PM if you want info on some of the local PDs or towns in Bucks or Montco.

    I should warn you though, while much of the country is begging for police applicants, the Philly suburbs are not. Even experienced officers are having a hard time lateraling because there are so many cops trying to get out of Philly, SEPTA, Allentown, Reading, etc. I have a good buddy who got on with SEPTA after the academy. In addition to being bilingual in Korean, he built an impressive resume with SPD, including becoming an FTO and a SWAT officer. Even then it took him 3 years of constant testing to finally get out of that department. I don't mean to be a downer, just wanted to give you a heads up. It's one of the reasons why I ended up leaving PA and moving back to CT.
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      I took the 120 test, also came from out of state. You can google and find PDF's on Act 75 (traffic) PA title 18 (crime code) and title 234 (criminal proceedure). Much of the test is common sense, they dont ask crimne penalties (sentencing) so dont spend a lot of time on that. I recall some graduated license questions and proceedures on DUI and felony stops. I agree with GangGreen on jobs but what is different out here is a lot of places have part time police officers that are still paid pretty well.


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        Outside of Bensalem hiring, you won't find much in Bucks hiring unless you wait for the next consider test. Dublin borough is hiring part timers.

        Montgomery county is the same way. If you go get your Act 120, you can always check out some smaller agencies such as the various university police departments. Lincoln university is always hiring as is Penn State.
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          Thank you all for the responses and honesty, really appreciate it.


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