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New Freedom - York area Departments...


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  • New Freedom - York area Departments...

    i live and work in the baltimore area but am kinda interested in moving/lateraling to the lower PA area. im aware of PSP and York Regional but what are the other depts. gimme the low down.

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    The Southern York County Regional Police Department covers the New Freedom area.

    Welcome to the Southern York Regional Police Department on the CRIMEWATCH Network. Located in New Freedom, PA, our goal is to reduce crime and enhance...

    York is quite interesting in that if you pick a 'region' of the county, it probably has a regional police department.
    As I'm aware, theres:

    York Area Regional PD
    York City Police
    Southern Regional (Above)
    Southwestern Regional PD
    Northern York County PD
    Northeastern York County PD

    As for the 'proper' names for all of them, I'm not sure, but those are the ones I know of. Most of which all cover a certain geographical area and a few townships within those areas. Its my understanding that many of them come together with special teams and cooperative organizations.
    If your looking for more 'York' City area, I think the Townships of Springettsbury, Spring Garden, and West Manchester all have their own police forces - all of which border the city of York. The County Parks and Recreation department also has law enforcement rangers - there are parks all over the York County, and York area.

    So... yah... I'd love to apply up there, but they require residency to start the academy.

    Another note - most of the above higher together in a 'consortium' where you go take one test for multiple departments, which they just had one a few weeks ago. How often it comes around, I'm not sure. Its most likely dependent on need and academy class schedule.


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      Welcome to the York County Regional Police Department on the CRIMEWATCH Network. Located in York, PA, our goal is to reduce crime and enhance public...

      That site covers some of the York area. There is some joint group that covers like 10 departments. Not in your case but the new officers attend a standard class then pick a department (I assume based on need).


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        ok that helps a little but im looking for the good stuff. what kind of units? what is command like? what is the work and jurisdiction? i need the real nuts & bolts. i dont know PA really at all.


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